What was Alan Smith injury?

What was Alan Smith injury?

Smith blocked a powerful free-kick from Riise in the FA Cup clash at Anfield but suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle after the ball struck him.

How old is Djibril Cisse?

40 years (12 August 1981)
Djibril Cissé/Age

Where is Djibril Cisse from?

Arles, France
Djibril Cissé/Place of birth

Who did Cisse play for?

Panathinaikos ChicagoForward
Djibril Cissé/Current teams

When did Djibril Cisse almost lose his foot?

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse has revealed he almost lost his foot while playing for the Reds during the 2004/05 campaign. That famous season will always be remembered for Liverpool’s iconic Champions League comeback in Instanbul but for Cisse, it holds different memories.

What was the severity of Cisse’s injury?

The severity of Cisse’s injury – LFChistory – Stats galore for Liverpool FC! It was a strange one because when a player suffers a nasty fracture like Djibril did they usually lie still on the pitch. Djibril rolled over, then got up onto his knees as though he was going to try and stand up, then he sat up and then started rolling around again.

When did Djibril Cisse start playing for Liverpool?

During the 2005–06 season, Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez deployed Cissé on the right wing on numerous occasions. While his pace made him well suited to such a role, it was doubtful whether he would be happy to continue in this role rather than in his preferred position as striker. He scored two goals as Liverpool won the 2005 UEFA Super Cup.

How many goals did Djibril Cisse score for Auxerre?

2003–04 proved to be Cissé’s most successful goalscoring season, with 30 goals in all competitions, including 26 in Ligue 1 to win the golden boot for the second time. Overall, Cissé scored 70 goals in 128 league games for Auxerre, before signing for Liverpool in a deal worth over £14 million in the summer of 2004.

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