What frequency is the nypd on?

What frequency is the nypd on?

Pre-Programmed Scanners Available

Frequency License Alpha Tag
470.88750 WIF560 NYPD CW 4
470.88750 WIF560 NYPD CW 4 P25
470.83750 WIF567 NYPD SOD
470.81250 WIF559 NYPD Traffic

Is Healy frequency specific microcurrent?

The Healy devices are wearable, frequency-specific micro-current delivery (FSM) devices. The Healy first analyzes the frequency resonances within one’s body and then is able to deliver exactly those frequencies that one’s body needs.

Is Healy FSM?

Healy provides microcurrent and a variety of frequencies on one channel, but it is not FSM. It uses an entirely different range of frequencies on one channel only. The compact Healy device is controlled from a cell phone app and has been on the market for little more than a year, bringing benefits to its users.

How much is Healy?

HEALY PROFESSIONAL: 5,055 US$. Comes with: Beauty – Job – Learning – Bioenergetic Defense – Skin – Digital Nutrition – Gold Cycle – Bioenergetic Support – Meridians 1+2 – Aura – Resonance – Mental Balance – Bioenergetic Harmonie1.

How many times can a Frequency Specific Microcurrent be used?

Frequency specific microcurrent is a revolutionary therapy that dramatically increases the body’s ability to heal and repair itself. FSM can increase the rate of healing by up to 5 times and do so safely and effectively.

Are there any other microcurrent devices in the market?

Yes, our devices were designed by Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) practitioners to meet their needs for an affordable, convenient, 2-channel output device. There is no other device in the market that combines an “automated” unit and a “manual” unit together at an affordable price.

How is microcurrent used in the medical field?

Microcurrent has been used for years to speed the rate of healing, control inflammation, increase the rate of fracture repair and treat myofascial pain and dysfunction. However, early devices allowed only a limited number of frequency settings and therefore treatment options.

How are FSM microcurrent devices used for mend?

Our FSM devices makes it simple for the practitioner to implement their protocols with ease and efficiency. Manual Mode – Enter frequency numbers in real time! The Inspirstar software is used to program the MEND devices.


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