How can I contact Labour office in UAE?

How can I contact Labour office in UAE?

Ministry of Labour helpline Telephone 800-665 (old number) or 800-60 (new number) toll-free in the UAE for any labour related issues, including contracts, work conditions, labour cards, work permits.

How do I complain about Labour in UAE?

MOHRE Call Centre

  1. Contact the call centre of MOHRE to discuss the issue on +971-4-607-3555.
  2. The customer care representative will answer your queries and try to handle the complaint.
  3. In case, they are unable to address your concerns straight away, your complaint will be forwarded to the Department of Complaint and Advise.

How can I get Labour list in UAE?

How to check your labour contract online in the UAE

  1. Head over to the MOHRE or Tasheel website.
  2. Below the page, you will see a ‘Labour Card Information’ option.
  3. Select the option to go to the next page.
  4. Enter your details such as labour card number, person code, date of birth and nationality.

How leave salary is calculated in UAE?

Please note that the leave salary is calculated on the basis of basic salary plus HRA although, in practice, full salary is dispersed. The calculation is based on the last salary drawn by the employee. This is as per Articles 75 and 78 of UAE labour law.

What is the Labour law in UAE?

Under the UAE Labour Law an employee is entitled to “early termination compensation” of a minimum three months’ remuneration, including salary and allowances, (or the remainder of the term of the contract if the period remaining is less than three months ), if an employer seeks to terminate the contract prior to the …

How do I call mohre?

12 Channels to contact MOHRE

  1. Call Center80060.
  2. [email protected].
  4. OnlineLive Chat.
  5. MOHREMobile App.
  6. Facebook@MOHREUAE.
  7. Twitter@MOHRE_UAE.
  8. Instagram@MOHRE_UAE.

What is Labour approval in UAE?

During this approval process, the Ministry of Labour usually bases its decision on whether there are no unemployed UAE citizens who could perform the job, and that the sponsor is a registered UAE corporate entity. Otherwise, the approval should be granted.

How do I file a case against my employer in UAE?

Register labor complaints

  1. Service Procedures. Electronic Forms. Select service ‘Register Labor Complaints’ from website. Select complaint type. Enter Applicant Type, Work Permit Number and Unified Number. Add Complaint Request Details. Add Attachments.
  2. Required Documents. The worker electronic permit number.

What is the basic salary in UAE?

The ruler of the emirate of Sharjah has increased the minimum wage for United Arab Emirate (UAE) nationals to AED 25,000 (US$6,800) from AED 17,500.

What is the minimum salary in UAE?

For expatriates, there is no mandatory minimum wage. For UAE nationals, minimum wage is determined by level of education: No high school certificate- 3,000 AED. High school certificate- 4,000 AED.

How can I complain about salary delay in UAE?

Report unpaid or delayed salaries For any concerns or complaints regarding the salary, employees may contact Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) or report a salary complaint.

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