Is Paul Wesley Stelena or Delena?

Is Paul Wesley Stelena or Delena?

Stelena fans are like super cool,” Ian revealed during the panel. Paul originally thought that he meant that Stelena fans were going after him, but Ian made it very clear that he meant Delena. I shipped Elena and Damon like crazy until the ship just got negative.

Should Elena Be With Stefan or Damon?

And, by the end of The Vampire Diaries season 3, Elena accepted that she had feelings for Damon… but still ultimately chose to be with Stefan. Things changed further still when, in The Vampire Diaries season 4, episode 1, “Growing Pains,” Elena completed her transition into a vampire.

Who married Damon?

Elena Gilbert

Damon Salvatore
Spouse Elena Gilbert
Children Stefanie Salvatore, Jenna Salvatore, Grayson Salvatore and Sarah Lillian Salvatore
Status Alive

Why did Elena choose Delena instead of Stelena?

That’s what Elena did, but in different ways over time. Here are five reasons Stelena should have happened, and five why it was Delena. From the get-go, Stefan had the utmost respect for Elena and her choices. He always allowed her space to decide for herself what was best.

Who is better Delena or Stelena in the Vampire Diaries?

Since Elena left Stefan for Damon, the topic of Stelena vs Delena has been a hot one. Even though Delena seemed passionate, but it could never outsource Stelena. Let us take a look at why Stefan and Elena together were way better than Damon and Elena. Check These Unknown facts about the Vampire Diaries Spinoff- ‘The Originals’ T.V series

Why do I think Damon and therefore Delena is?

Stelena Memorial — THIS is why I think Damon and therefore Delena is… This is why it terrifies the sh*t out of me when someone says they want a boyfriend like Damon. “If you love your abuser enough, they’ll stop being abusive. You just need to love them more.

How many times did Damon let go of Stelena?

Before she can enter, Damon brutally slams her against the wall of the cave and she continues to yell and scream “Damon let go of me” at least 10 times before he mockingly asks her if she’s done. And when she finally gives up, he chastises Stefan for being a martyr as if Jeremy getting killed by Katherine was an option. But it doesn’t end there.

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