What albums dropped 2001?

What albums dropped 2001?

The Best Albums of 2001

  1. The Strokes: Is This It. It’s 2001.
  2. Daft Punk: Discovery.
  3. Gorillaz: Gorillaz.
  4. The White Stripes: White Blood Cells.
  5. Jay-Z: The Blueprint.
  6. Radiohead: Amnesiac.
  7. The Shins: Oh, Inverted World.
  8. Weezer: Weezer (The Green Album)

What albums went platinum in 2001?

Platinum Album sales up, Gold Sales Down. Platinum album sales were up in 2001 with 100 albums showing sales of 1 million units or more…

What year did 1999 come out?

27 October 1982
1999/Release date

What now album came out in 2001?

Now That’s What I Call Music! 7
Now That’s What I Call Music! 7 was released on July 31, 2001. The album is the seventh edition of the (U.S.) Now!

What band broke up in 2001?

Post-hardcore kids wept into their hoodies when El Paso’s At The Drive-In announced plans to break up in 2001. They reunited in 2012 for a run of festivals in the US and in the UK, but there are no plans for the band to ever play together again.

Who sold the most albums in 2001?

Linkin Park

Year Performing artist(s) Sales
2001 Linkin Park 4,813,000
2002 Eminem 7,608,000
2003 50 Cent 6,536,000
2004 Usher 8,000,000

What was the #1 album in 2001?

Staind’s Break the Cycle topped the charts for three consecutive weeks in June and sold more than 4.2 million copies in 2001. NSYNC achieved the best-selling album within the first week, selling more than 1.8 million copies with Celebrity, 620,000 more than above earlier in the year.

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