Does Dave Ramsey have financial advisors?

Does Dave Ramsey have financial advisors?

Ramsey SmartVestor SmartVestor is a free service that connects you with our network of financial advisors, wealth advisors, financial planners, and other investment professionals. These are the people Dave and the whole Ramsey team trust to take care of you and serve you well.

How much does it cost to hire a financial advisor?

Most financial advisors charge based on how much money they manage for you. That fee can range from 0.25% to 1% per year….Financial advisor fees.

Fee type Typical cost
Flat annual fee (retainer) $2,000 to $7,500
Hourly fee $200 to $400
Per-plan fee $1,000 to $3,000

How much does Dave Ramsey SmartVestor pro cost?

The fee advisors pay ranges between $400 and $1,500 depending on many factors. If you take the 1,400 advisors in the SmartVestor Pro program and they each pay the minimum $400 a month, this comes to $560,000 in fees Dave Ramsey is earning.

What is Dave Ramsey investing strategy?

Dave Ramsey’s investing strategy is to use a mixture of four types (growth & income, agressive growth, growth, and international) of mutual funds to invest. He makes some recommendations beyond that, but those recommendations are much more determined by the listener. Because ultimately,…

How do you contact Dave Ramsey?

Call Ramsey while he is live on “The Dave Ramsey Show” on the radio. Contact him at the radio station is 888-TALKBAK, or 888-825-5225 between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

What does Dave Ramsey do?

Dave Ramsey is a businessman, author, and radio personality who specializes in the area of personal finance. He is known for his “debt-free platform,” which forms the foundation of all the financial advice he gives. After counseling members of his own church,…

What is Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey (b. 1960) is a United States nationally-syndicated talk radio host of The Dave Ramsey Show. His radio program is heard on almost 300 radio stations throughout the United States and also on XM and Sirius satellite radio, as of July 2006.

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