What does I Got Your 6 mean in law enforcement?

What does I Got Your 6 mean in law enforcement?

I’ve got your back
The phrase – which originated with World War I pilots who referenced the rear of an airplane as the six o’clock position – is a military and law enforcement term meaning “I’ve got your back.”

Who got your six?

The term “got your six” originated with those pilots, referring to how they would look out for each other’s safety and well-being and protect each other from harm. For Service Members, it also means that your brothers- and sisters-in-arms are willing to lay down their lives for you.

What’s your 20 means?

Finally, you’ve probably used “10-4” to acknowledge that you heard or understood something that someone said. Same with “what’s your 20?” which is short for 10-20, meaning location. These everyday terms originated from CB radio slang.

What does I’ll always have your 6 o’clock mean?

In the military, “got your six” means “I’ve got your back.” The saying originated with World War I fighter pilots referencing the rear of an airplane as the six o’clock position. If you picture yourself at the center of a clock face, the area directly in front of you is twelve o’clock.

Why is 20 slang for location?

What’s your 20? is part of a system of radio codes called 10-codes. They developed in the late 1930s when police squads began using two-way radio to communicate. One was 10-20, meaning “location.” Asking What’s your 20? emerged as a way to seek another’s whereabouts.

What does a 10-20 mean?

It’s a question that can be answered easily, actually. We took inspiration from CB Radio slang. If you hear a truck driver say “10-20” on their CB radio, it’s just another way to say “Your current location.”

What is a code 95?

All truck drivers in the European Union (EU) are required by law to have the code 95 indication on their driving license. This indication means a truck driver has taken part in 35 hours training during a five-year period and is shown on a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) card.

What does ” I’ve Got Your Six ” mean?

“Six” is at the bottom, (back) of the clock. The phrase “I’ve got your six” refers to having someone’s back. Watching out for them at an angle they cannot cover themselves.

What does I’ve Got Your Six mean in police parlance?

It is believed that a former soldier, who had returned home from battle, brought this phrase to the Police Profession. Either context, it means, “I have your back”, because, both the Military and Police use the “clock” as a point of reference. “Six” is at the bottom, (back) of the clock.

What does I’m on your six stand for?

Also, “I’m on your six”. Refers to the six o’clock position relative to the listener (behind). Browse A B C D E F G H

What does it mean if someone is watching your 6?

So if somebody is watching your 6, it means they are watching your back and are protecting it from anything that might try to approach you from behind, or from a blind spot in general. Question: What does “I’ve got your six” mean in cop parlance?

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