How many beds Baylor Irving?

How many beds Baylor Irving?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Irving 1901 North MacArthur Boulevard Irving, TX 75061
Total Staffed Beds: 222
Total Patient Revenue: $733,053,992
Total Discharges: 9,668
Total Patient Days: 44,518

Will I have to deliver my baby with a mask on?

You (the birth giver) and your visitor must wear a mask when: Any health care professional is in the room, if all health care professionals leave at one time, you may remove your mask until they come back.

Do you have to give birth with a mask on?

While we know having a face mask on during labor isn’t ideal, it is extremely important. Every person wearing a mask on both sides – patients, visitors and health care professionals – is meant to protect everyone involved. One patient at The Mother Baby Center was asked how she felt about giving birth during COVID-19.

What trauma level is Baylor Irving?

Level I Trauma
Baylor University Medical Center, part of Baylor Scott & White Health,​ and Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple provide comprehensive trauma services at our Level I Trauma Centers.

Where is the labor and Delivery Unit at Baylor?

On the day of delivery, you will be directed to the Labor & Delivery unit following check in. This hallway is located immediately past the Collins building lobby on the right. A Labor & Delivery nurse will great you at the nurse’s station and escort you to a room.

Where is Baylor Scott and White Medical Center?

Baylor Scott & White – Irving is the premier medical facility providing care to Irving, Las Colinas, Grand Prairie, Coppell and the surrounding communities.

Where to stay after delivery at Baylor Scott and white?

The New Family Center unit is where you and your baby will stay following your delivery. Your private postpartum room in the New Family Center offers an in-room refrigerator, bathroom with heated towel rack and a daybed for your support person.

What to expect at Baylor University Medical Center?

At Baylor University Medical Center, moms and dads can expect advanced obstetrical services combined with the warm, relaxing atmosphere of home and concierge offerings that create a birth experience you’ll treasure forever. Through labor and delivery to postpartum recovery in our birthing center, we care for the comforts of moms and their families.

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