Did Salvatore Anello know the window was open?

Did Salvatore Anello know the window was open?

Anello knew the window was open before picking up Chloe,” the court documents say. “He nonetheless lifted the child over the wooden rail and the open window for a considerable period, recklessly endangering her life. Anello has been charged in Puerto Rico with negligent homicide and his next court date is Jan. 27.

How did toddler fall from cruise ship?

In a statement from the Puerto Rican Department of Justice previously obtained by PEOPLE, prosecutors alleged that Anello “negligently exposed the child to the abyss through a window on the 11th floor” of the cruise ship. Anello and his family have long maintained that Chloe’s fall was an accident and not a crime.

Who is Salvatore Anello?

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Indiana grandfather who dropped his 18-month-old granddaughter from a cruise ship window to her death will not be going to jail. Salvatore Anello pleaded guilty in Puerto Rico to negligent homicide in the death of Chloe Wiegand. Puerto Rican authorities had charged him with negligent homicide.

Who was the guy who jumped off the balcony of the cruise ship?

Nick Naydev, 27, was travelling on the Symphony of the Seas with a group of friends when he decided to make the leap while the ship was docked in the Bahamas. In a video posted to Instagram, the Washington-based passenger could be seen standing on the edge of the balcony while his friends looked on.

How to book a cruise on the suicide bridge?

Schedule may change due to group or private bookings. Check Back Often for additional cruises added. Book Online or call 410-943-4689 to reserve your booking. Call Now to Book for 2021 – Public Cruises are in the planning, ask about your date and time!

How did the 16 year old die on a cruise ship?

A number of passengers have died falling from cruise ships, with a 16-year-old recently dying after falling from an eighth floor balcony. Laurent Mercer was attempting to reach his family’s room after forgetting his key card before he fell.

Where did Rebecca Coriam go on her cruise?

After four months on cruises to the Bahamas, where the ships are registered, she went back to Britain for two months off. When she returned to work, it was on the Disney Wonder, based in the Port of Los Angeles. She visited all its ports of call on the Mexican Riviera and went through the Panama Canal.


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