Is Arlec Australian made?

Is Arlec Australian made?

ABOUT ARLEC As an Australian owned company with an international outlook, we take pride in our industry leadership, professionalism, and unrivalled understanding of the Australasian DIY consumer market within a global context.

Who owns Arlec Australia?

Balu Jega – Managing Director – Arlec Australia Pty Ltd | LinkedIn.

Where is Arlec manufactured?

Arlec Australia purchased ANTSIG in 1997 and immediately initiated a fresh phase of growth and renewal, shifting manufacturing operations from Richmond to Arlec’s headquarters (at the time in Chirnside Park), and commencing a program of product development to increase the number and scope of its product ranges.

How do I adjust my Arlec sensor light?

The time “ON” control adjusts the time that the lights will remain on after the unit has sensed movement. To increase time, turn the knob clockwise. To decrease, turn knob anti- clockwise. The “Lux” control adjusts at what level of light the unit starts sensing at dusk.

What can you do with arlec work light?

It is ideal for lighting up dark places where there is no access to 240V mains power. The work light also features a diffuser to spread the light evenly and can be used for painting, camping, photography or in emergency situations. We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy.

Who is the general manager of arlec Australia?

“At Arlec, we are always thinking of tomorrow’s products: more technical, more automated, smarter products that users will be able to control with handheld devices; products that will talk to each other, link to other products, and of course perform with premium energy savings.” MONTY PUIKA, GENERAL MANAGER – PRODUCT, ARLEC AUSTRALIA.

Can a 15cm Bar Light be added to an arlec?

Additional bar lights can be added using the No-Gap Link and 15cm Linking cable minimising the number of mains power points used. We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy.

Who are the end users of arlec products?

All Arlec products cater to the immediate needs of customers, as identified through our formalised communication channels with retail category managers, group and independent buyers, merchandise managers, complex managers, international manufacturing partners, as well as end users.

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