Can you use irritant smoke to fit test n95?

Can you use irritant smoke to fit test n95?

NIOSH certifies filtering respirators under 42 CFR 84 as being approved against “dusts, fumes, and mists.” Employees that pass an “irritant smoke” respirator fit test are not qualified to use that respirator in an environment with smoke.

How do you perform a respirator fit test?

For the respirator fit test, the respirator user will perform seven exercises for one minute each:

  1. Normal breathing.
  2. Deep breathing.
  3. Moving head side to side.
  4. Moving head up and down.
  5. Bending over.
  6. Talking.
  7. Normal breathing again.

What are fit test kits?

The fit-test kit is used to perform OSHA-mandated fit testing on all NIOSH-approved air-purifying respirators. Allegro™ Fit Test Kit Accessory, Smoke Tube is used for qualitative fit testing of air purifying respirators.

How is irritant smoke tube kit for fit testing?

For greater safety, irritant smoke qualitative fit tests are designed to perform fit testing with the same respirator being used on the job. There are no special fit testing respirators or mask probes, or optional adapters. Workers are fit tested with the same respirator they use on the job for added safety and greater employee confidence.

Which is nextteq smoke tube for respirator fit testing?

Nextteq’s Irritant Smoke Tube Kit for Respirator Fit Testing, featuring Gastec smoke tubes, is designed to meet and be used in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134.

When did OSHA start using irritant smoke for respirator testing?

Field-proven as an oSHa accepted respirator fit testing method since 1982. Irritant smoke is an economical, fast, safe, and reliable qualitative respirator fit testing method. Irritant smoke is used with a wide variety of respirators by firefighters, Hazmat teams, first responders, the U.S. Military, and countless industrial users.

Do you need batteries for irritant smoke tube?

No warm-up time or batteries are required. Each Irritant Smoke Tube Kit for Respirator Fit Testing and Airflow Indication includes everything needed to perform a complete fit test or airflow indication exercise.

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