How do you do svn merge?

How do you do svn merge?

Merge a branch into the trunk

  1. Get a clean copy of the trunk.
  2. Check the svn log to find the revision where the branch was created.
  3. Merge the branches.
  4. Resolve any conflicts.
  5. Build and test your newly merged working copy.
  6. Check in your changes with a detailed note describing the merge.

Why is svn merge so bad?

It’s because svn lacked the proper data structures to accurately determine the latest common ancestor of the two branches. That’s not a big deal for a branch that is only merged once, but can cause a lot of erroneous merge conflicts in situations where several branches are merged multiple times.

What is merge in TortoiseSVN?

TortoiseSVN helps you through this process by showing the merge conflict dialog. Figure 4.58. The Merge Conflict Dialog. It is likely that some of the changes will have merged smoothly, while other local changes conflict with changes already committed to the repository. All changes which can be merged are merged.

What is a sync merge?

A sync merge is something completely different than a reintegration merge. The former is used to merge all changes made on the parent branch to the target branch (typically a feature branch), that have not already been merged. The latter is used to merge a (feature) branch back into the parent branch.

What do you need to know about SVN merge?

1. SVN Repository Layout Before we jump into merge commands, let us review the repository layout. On a very high-level, the following is the tree structure layout SVN uses to store data. When you do a svn list on the repository, you’ll see this structure as shown below. A branch contains copy of the trunk files and directories.

When do you need to merge branches in subversion?

Where branches are used to maintain separate lines of development, at some stage you will want to merge the changes made on one branch back into the trunk, or vice versa. It is important to understand how branching and merging works in Subversion before you start using it, as it can become quite complex.

How to merge TortoiseSVN into a working version?

In the From:field enter the full folder URL of the branch or tag containing the changes you want to port into your working copy. You may also click …to browse the repository and find the desired branch.

How to send build.xml from SVN to trunk?

# svn commit -m “makeallchages” Sending build.xml Transmitting file data . Committed revision 2285. Next, checkout a fresh project code from trunk, or you can use any local copy of trunk but ensure that it is in sync with the trunk.

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