Does jagya family accept Ganga?

Does jagya family accept Ganga?

Yes, Jagya will be seen filling Ganga’s (Sriti Jha) maang with ek chutki sindoor in the upcoming episodes of the show. However, in a dramatic twist of events Jagya will catch hold of Ganga and confess his love for her. He will also go on to fill her forehead with sindoor.

Does Jagdish and Ganga get married in Balika Vadhu?

Sumitra and the rest of the family are shocked to see Jagdish get Ganga back to their hospital in Jaitsar. Jagdish gets married to Ganga in front of his and Sanchi’s family.

What happened to Ganga in Balika Vadhu?

Sriti Jha, seen as Ganga in ‘Balika Vadhu’, has quit the show and Sargun Mehta will replace her. Mumbai: Sriti Jha, seen as Ganga in ‘Balika Vadhu’, has quit the show and Sargun Mehta will replace her in the “most loved” daily soap, which she has been following since her college days.

Will Sumitra accept Ganga?

Anandi tells Sumitra about the love that Jagdish and Ganga share. Later, Sumitra accepts Ganga when Jagdish asks for permission to leave the house.

Is Ganga died in Balika Vadhu?

Her trials and tribulations amidst moving out of Jagya’s household are taking a toll on her resulting in her death, now if it’s a suicide or an accident we are not sure but she hands over her son’s custody to Jagya and leaves. So this way Ganga’s character is being bumped from the show. Goodluck Sriti and well done!

Does Sumitra accept Ganga in Balika Vadhu?

In the past week in Balika Vadhu, a lot of commotion has taken place. Curtains are drawn for Sanchi as her lies has been revealed and Jagya has been proven innocent by the court and set free.

Does Jagdish marry Sanchi?

Jagdish is coaxed to marry Sanchi, but his real love is someone else. Wethinks, Anandi and Shiv are the only ones who can unite these love sick puppies; hope this doesn’t affect Anandi’s equation with her in-laws.

Will Jagdish marry Ganga?

What happens to Ganga in Balika Vadhu?

Its finally some good news coming from Colors’ Balika Vadhu where finally Ganga and Jagdish have been blessed with a healthy baby boy. All of the hard work, care and prayers finally worked for Ganga and she gives birth to a baby boy. Though the child has taken birth in the seventh month he would still be healthy.

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