How many prisons are in Edinburgh?

How many prisons are in Edinburgh?

The prison consists of four halls; Glenesk, Hermiston, Ingliston and Ratho….HM Prison Edinburgh.

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Opened 1920
Managed by Scottish Prison Service
Governor David Abernethy
Street address 33 Stenhouse Road

Who was imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle?

One of the better known prisoners was Sir Thomas Grey. He was an English knight, held in captivity at Edinburgh Castle in 1355. During his imprisonment, Grey made use of the castle’s library and archives. It was here he began writing the Scalacronica, a chronicle documenting the history of Britain.

What Colour do prisoners wear in Scotland?

Prisoners at Ingliston hall in Edinburgh’s Saughton prison have been issued with maroon jerseys normally worn by rapists and paedophiles instead of their usual black ones.

How much does a prisoner cost in Scotland?

Its 2019/20 budget is being put under pressure by rising prisoner numbers and increasing costs. This has increased the average annual cost per prisoner place by 0.9 per cent in 2018/19 to £35,601.

Who was murdered in Edinburgh Castle?

George McAdam stabbed Paul Smith, 28, as he talked to his mum on the phone during his lunch break, near Edinburgh Castle in May 2019. McAdam was first charged with murder but was formally acquitted of the offence because he was not “criminally responsible” due to a mental health disorder.

What is the reoffending rate in Scotland?

The reconviction rate for offenders in Scotland has fallen to its lowest level since comparable records began. Officials statistics for the 2017-18 offender cohort show the percentage of offenders who are reconvicted in a year was 26.3% – which is a one percentage point decrease from 27.3% in 2016-17.

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