What is R2 SG2 steel?

What is R2 SG2 steel?

SG2 (or R2) is a high-carbon high alloy content stainless steel that has been powderized into a very fine grain and then sintered back together. This process allows for a very consistent gran structure in the steel which makes the blade easier to sharpen and very durable.

How do you care for SG2 steel?

Sg2 is about as low-maintenance as knife steel comes. It is stainless, but it is still a good idea to clean and dry it with soap, a soft brush, and hot water after you finish eating the meal if not after you finish cooking it. Use a proper wooden cutting board.

What is Super Gold steel?

Super Gold is a powdered stainless steel enriched with vanadium. It is also called R2. It should fall somewhere between XHP and S30V in performance. ZDP is a crazy high alloy monster capable of high hardness.

Does Aogami super steel rust?

This is a high carbon steel which can rust, but takes a better edge and holds it longer than most stainless steel. Aogami Super is extra special, as the addition of chromium slows rusting and the molecular structure is more elastic which can reduce the chances of chipping.

What is the best steel for Japanese knife?

High-carbon steels are the preferred choice for Japanese chefs. Due to its high carbon (C) content, such steels can be forged to a high hardness (60+ HRC), yet are very easy to resharpen.

What can you not cut with a Japanese knife?

Don’t cut directly on hard surfaces such as a benchtop; stainless steel sink; plate or chopping boards made from glass, ceramic, bamboo, corian and other hard substances. An endgrain chopping board or soft plastic chopping board is best. Remember your knives do have limitations and are not indestructible.

What can you not do with a Japanese knife?

Avoid lateral movement with the knife. Also prying, wedging or chopping are absolutely out of the question with a Japanese kitchen knife. This will definitely damage the edge of the blade. The knife is simply not built for this. It is best to only make an up-and-down motion with the knife.

What kind of steel is the SG2 knife made of?

SG2 (or R2) is a high-carbon high alloy content stainless steel that has been powderized into a very fine grain and then sintered back together.

Is the bladeforums SG2 a good knife?

The SG2 at 64 hardness takes a very crisp edge and is surprisingly easy to get there. The edge at 15 degrees per side is very prone to getting tiny chips in it. Fortunately the micro chipping doesn’t effect performance. I love the knife and it will always be in my knife block.

What’s the difference between SG-2 and SG-1?

They’re basically the same steel. SG-2 is a powdered stainless steel that is well known for excellent wear resistance and is considered a great steel for high end, high quality kitchen knives.

Is there going to be a SG2 Endura knife?

An SG2 run of G10 Endura/Delicas were announced early this year but Sal just shot it down last month. G10 runs of the knives are now on hold until they settle on a replacement steel. It might very well be HAP40. As mentioned, sales are often the decider in continued production.

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