What mahogany does Martin guitars use?

What mahogany does Martin guitars use?

Central American mahogany
The Central American mahogany is the species used by Martin on the pre-World War II golden era instruments. This wood is of the same genus, but a different species than the South American mahogany most commonly used today.

Are solid mahogany guitars good?

The all solid mahogany Martin D-15 is as good as it gets. Because of the deep overtones an all mahogany guitar provides, the guitar gives a great counterpoint to a spruce guitar. So if you play with someone, the contrast can make the music more whole in a tonal manner.

What size is a Martin 0 18?

The 0-18 also has a shorter scale length than its larger cohorts—24.9 inches compared to the standard 25.4. And though a longer scale is generally equated with a more generous sound, the tradeoff is perhaps worth it.

What is Martin genuine mahogany?

Genuine Mahogany refers specifically and only to Mahoganies of the genus Swietenia. In our case, that would be Swietenia macrophylla – both native and plantation grown. All of our Mahogany is Solid wood, not plywood, so we can get that term out of the way.

How old is sinker mahogany?

Some of the recovered trees are over 400 years old! Using this wood is very sustainable, because you do not have to cut down growing trees. Instead, this wood is now mainly lifted to the surface in Belize by local divers.

What kind of guitar is a 1930 Martin?

1930Martin 5-17 T, Tenor guitar, Great sounding Mahogany guitar! 22 7 / 8 scalelength, 11 ¼ inches wide at the lowerbout, 1 ¼ nut width, Bar frets, Grover tuners, Fun to play, Beautiful tonality, EC, Rough original soft case… more

What kind of wood is a Martin 0-17 made of?

The Martin 0-17 was part of Martin’s lesser known style 17 series of guitars. Like the more popular style 18, style 17 guitars used Mahogany for the back and sides. Unlike style 18, however, the 17 series used Mahogany for its top instead of spruce.

When did the Martin 0-18 guitar come out?

But it was a commanding instrument when it was introduced in 1898, dwarfing the company’s parlor guitars in terms of size. Like the majority of other Martin guitars, the 0-18 evolved from a 12-fret gut-string model to a 14-fret steel-string by the mid-1930s.

How big is the neck of a 1980 Martin guitar?

Early 1980 Martin D-28 with a Natural finish. This is a beautiful vintage Martin that plays great sounds even better. It weighs just 4 81 pounds. The neck thickness measures 0 842″ at the 1st fret and 0 985″ at the 9th fret. String action measures 2 85mm at the 12th fret Overall in great condition for its age. The top is still glossy and bright.

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