Why is my boiler saying E119?

Why is my boiler saying E119?

Code E119. If the code E119 is displayed (‘E1′ followed by ’19’), this means the pressure in the boiler has dropped and a water leak could be stopping the system working properly.

Why is my boiler flashing 133?

What does the 133 fault code mean on my Baxi boiler? When a boiler fires up, a flame detection signal is passed on to the PCB (the boiler’s circuit board). When the 133 fault code is displayed, that’s signifying that the flame has not been detected.

Why is there an E119 error code on my boiler?

They believe in making the boilers which are dependable and way to use. There boilers are manufactured with the latest technology with high energy efficiency and environment friendly rate. But some of its boiler leads to issues and fault, from which one of them is e119 error code.

How to fix Potterton boiler fault E119 boiler fault?

Not to worry, we have simple steps for you which will surely fix your problem. Turn the boiler off and let the boiler to cool down. Find the metal loop; this is generally a metal hose with 2 valves attached. If your boiler is not attached with the filling loop, than join it tightly and securely.

What does the fault code on a Baxi boiler mean?

As we can see here, the fault code on the front of the boiler is flashing E119 and E119 on Baxi means low water pressure, so you’d just have a look at your gauge there and you would see that it’s below into the red, which means that the pressure needs to be topped up. What we’ll do here, we’ll show you how to do this.

Why is my Baxi Megaflo boiler showing E119?

My Boiler is showing e119. I need to repressurise but I can I have a baxi megaflo system 24 boiler that has lost pressure. Error code e119 … read more Vocational, Technical or Tra… I have a maxi duetec I’ve just come back in the house from a 13 mile trek along the Roman Wall in aid of Alzheimers and am desperate for a bath. The … read more

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