What is an ambiguous reference?

What is an ambiguous reference?

An ambiguous reference is the situation in which a sentence contains a pronoun that could refer to either of two nouns in the same sentence or (using our new vocabulary word) where we have a pronoun but we aren’t sure what its antecedent is.

How do you correct an ambiguous pronoun reference?

Use direct quotation rather than indirect quotation to correct the ambiguous pronoun. Since there are two possibilities of which she was late to work, there are two corrected sentences that might be used, depending on which is true.

Which methods may be used to correct ambiguous pronoun references?

Repeat the antecedent, place the pronoun nearer the antecedent, rewrite the entire sentence, and insert an intensive pronoun after the ambiguous pronoun may be used to correct ambiguous pronoun references. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

How do you fix a unclear pronoun reference?

You can best fix this error by rephrasing the sentence. Rephrasing the sentence has made the meaning clear. Faulty / vague pronoun reference errors also occur when the pronoun’s antecedent functions as an adjective rather than a noun.

How do you resolve ambiguous reference in C++?

You can resolve ambiguity by qualifying a member with its class name using the scope resolution ( :: ) operator. The statement dptr->j = 10 is ambiguous because the name j appears both in B1 and B2 .

What is a vague reference?

Vague reference is a common problem in sentences where “this,” “it,” “which” or other such words don’t refer back to any one specific word or phrase, but a whole situation. There are lots of ways to reorganize this sentence to avoid the vague reference.

What is an implied reference?

adj hinted at or suggested; not directly expressed.

What is a reference error in grammar?

Faulty pronoun reference errors also occur when the pronoun’s antecedent functions as an adjective rather than a noun. In such cases, the true antecedent is “hidden” or obscured from the reader because it has been subordinated to another noun. Only nouns can be antecedents.

When do you use an ambiguous pronoun in a sentence?

Ambiguous Pronoun References. For practice with pronouns and antecedents, review the examples below. Then answer the questions, and check your answers at the end. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence (he, she, them, it).

Which is an example of an ambiguous reference?

Ambiguous Reference: After I go to the store, I’ll drive over to pick her up. Who is her? Unless the antecedent appeared earlier in the text, this is an ambiguous reference. Clear Reference: Cynthia, our CEO, decided to increase funds for product research. She hopes this will increase her company’s profitability.

Why is the grammar of a programming language ambiguous?

For computer programming languages, the reference grammar is often ambiguous, due to issues such as the dangling else problem. If present, these ambiguities are generally resolved by adding precedence rules or other context-sensitive parsing rules, so the overall phrase grammar is unambiguous.

Is it possible to remove ambiguity from grammar?

Nevertheless, removing grammar ambiguity may produce a deterministic context-free grammar and thus allow for more efficient parsing. Compiler generators such as YACC include features for resolving some kinds of ambiguity, such as by using the precedence and associativity constraints.

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