Can you wear waterproof trousers for golf?

Can you wear waterproof trousers for golf?

Golf trousers in waterproof form are often overlooked by golfers, even though they are just as essential as any wet weather jacket or top. Most waterproof trousers will have elastic waistlines so they can be worn easily over golfing trousers.

What is isolite fabric?

ISOLITE. A waterproof and breathable lightweight fabric range designed to keep you dry and comfortable outdoors. Isolite 5000 has a hydrostatic head of 5000mm.

Do waterproof trousers go over trousers?

They can be over-trousers that you can wear on top of shorts or trousers, however, they can be standalone trousers, too. Waterproof trousers use performance fabrics which offer amazing rain protection and will also keep you warm with excellent windproofing.

Is 5000 good waterproof?

If you are buying a waterproof coat for walking about town or dropping the kids to school, a waterproof rating of 2,000-5,000mm will be more than enough. If you were planning a weekend in the mountains, we would advise a rating of 5,000-8,000mm as the conditions can be much harsher.

Are Regatta jackets washable?

It is advised that you use pure soap such as Regatta non-detergent Cleaner when washing your Regatta waterproof garment. Avoid use of biological washing powders or fabric conditioners as these may leave a residue that could affect the breathability of your garment and de-activate the water repellant finish.

Are Regatta jackets really waterproof?

What makes our jackets waterproof? Every stitch and fibre uses the latest technology to give you the best performance and comfort. All our jackets are waterproof and the higher the isotex number the more water the jacket can withstand.

Are waterproof trousers worth it?

Because of this, waterproof pants are invaluable. Not only will they keep your legs dry, but they will add an extra layer of protection to keep your skin unscathed and unscratched. Investing in a quality waterproof pant can ensure long-lasting protection on future adventures.

Do you wear rain pants over jeans?

Do rain pants go over regular pants? Yes, most people wear rain pants over their regular hiking pants. Rain pants don’t have enough ventilation to be worn alone(lots of sweat). You put them on as a last resort to prevent heat loss.

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