Is there a Michael Buble Christmas special?

Is there a Michael Buble Christmas special?

Michael Bublé returns to NBC Wednesday, Dec. 18 at 10 p.m. ET with another star-studded holiday Christmas special. The multi-Grammy Award winning singer is joined by guest stars Mariah Carey and Mary J. For more one-on-one interviews with NBC’s brightest stars, visit

How many Michael Buble Christmas albums are there?

His eighth and latest album, Love released on November 16, 2018. Bublé has confirmed that Love will be his final release. Bublé has sold 30 million records worldwide, over 18 million of these were sold in the United States….

Michael Bublé discography
Live albums 3
Music videos 14
EPs 9
Singles 18

Does Michael Buble have a new Christmas CD?

Michael Bublé has a special holiday gift for his naughty and nice fans this year. On October 24th, the multi Grammy Award winning Canadian will be releasing his new album called Christmas.

How can I watch Michael Buble Christmas special?

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What channel is Michael Buble Christmas special on?

Michael Buble’s Holiday Special Airing December 10th at 8pm on NBC​ ! “Michael Buble’s Christmas In Hollywood” holiday special will air December 10th at 8pm on NBC​ !

Is Michael Buble on TV Christmas 2020?

Singer Michael Bublé presides over a holiday variety show featuring music, comedy and a guest-star roster that includes Justin Bieber, Kellie Pickler, Thalia, the Puppini Sisters, Naturally 7, Tracy Morgan and Ed Helms. There are no TV Airings of A Michael Buble Christmas in the next 14 days.

Did Michael Buble write any Christmas songs?

‘Cold December Night’ was the one original track on Michael’s festive album, Christmas. Michael penned the song with his longtime co-writer Alan Chang and producer Bob Rock.

Who does Michael Buble sing White Christmas with?

Michael Bublé
White Christmas/Artists

Is Michael Buble still touring?

Michael Bublé is currently touring across 6 countries and has 47 upcoming concerts.

Is Michael Buble on TV over Christmas?

What time is Michael Buble Back for Christmas on TV? You can watch Michael Buble Back for Christmas on Christmas Eve. The festive special is on at 9.30pm on Channel 5. The show runs until 11pm and is up against the movie Gremlins on ITV.

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