Where does Zoneminder store video files?

Where does Zoneminder store video files?

By default storage on local drive is automatically set up on installion. When no area is specified events will be stored to a default built-in location, which for example on Ubuntu is /var/cache/zoneminder/events.

How do I download videos from Zoneminder?

First, make sure you have OPT_FFMPEG under Options -> Images set to yes (checked). Choose a video export file type and click generate. Download the video to your machine. If video files have already been generated you will see them listed at the bottom of the page.

How to add monitor in zoneminder?

You can access the monitor window by clicking on the “Add New Monitor” button, or by clicking on the “Source” column of a predefined monitor.

What is mocord?

· ‘Mocord’ – This is a hybrid of Modect and Record and results in both fixed length events being recorded and also any motion being highlighted within those events. So this constantly records and anailises the images for changes and can show you in the sectioned event where changes in the image have occured.

How much RAM do I need for ZoneMinder?

Around 700MB of memory. So if you have 2GB of memory, you should be all set.

How do I add storage to ZoneMinder?

ZoneMinder 1.31 or Newer

  1. From the console, navigate to options.
  2. In options, navigate to storage.
  3. Choose Add New Storage.
  4. Configure paths appropriately.
  5. Save and return to the console.
  6. In the source of each camera, configure where you want to save the videos.
  7. Make sure permissions are set correctly.

How do I add USB camera to ZoneMinder?

Login to Zone Minder. Click on the “Add New Monitor” link located at the bottom of the page, this will take you to the configuration page for adding a new camera. Configure your camera and check if is working, then set it as: Function: Monitor.

How do I run ZoneMinder?

Easy Way: Ubuntu 16.04

  1. Step 1: Either run commands in this install using sudo or use the below to become root.
  2. Step 2: Update Repos.
  3. Step 3: Configure MySQL.
  4. Step 4: Install ZoneMinder.
  5. Step 5: Configure the ZoneMinder Database.
  6. Step 6: Set permissions.
  7. Step 7: Configure Apache correctly:
  8. Step 8: Enable and start Zoneminder.

What is dedicated drive?

Contents. The Dedicated Server builder allows you to add multiple disk drives to your server. This results in many potential disk drive configurations.

How do I upgrade my Zoneminder?

Correct upgrade procedure from 1.32. 3 to 1.34. 4

  1. Stop zoneminder.
  2. Add the repository – sudo add-apt-repository ppa:iconnor/zoneminder-1.34.
  3. Install the upgrade – sudo apt-get install –only-upgrade zoneminder.
  4. Start zoneminder.

What port does Zoneminder run on?

The default port is 80, so open a Web browser to the camera’s hostname or IP address. The default login is admin with no password. Now you can look at the pretty spypics streaming from your camera, and configure it.

Where are the events and images directories in ZoneMinder?

Locate Zoneminder’s “events” and “images” directories. In Debian and Ubuntu, these are under /var/cache/zoneminder. In CentOS and Fedora, these are under /var/lib/zoneminder. If you wish to copy the data across, MOVE the events and images directories to /newdrive/zoneminder (Note this will take a long time on systems with many events).

What to do if ZoneMinder is not installed in Ubuntu?

Take a dump of the Zoneminder (zm) database (the zm.sql will be saved in your “home” directory)You will need this if you choose Mariadb or if something goes wrong with the upgrade. Run the Ubuntu upgrade (note: the “-d” is required until Ubuntu 16.04-1 is released)

How to upgrade ZoneMinder to the latest version?

Upgrade the installation (Zoneminder will upgrade with the “apt upgrade” command. Your database will automatically be upgraded. 02MAY16 This upgrade procedure has been tested successfully! It may not be necessary to take a dump of your zm database but I did it just-in-case MySQL messed something up. Make sure your install is up to date!

Can a 32bit camera be used in ZoneMinder?

Recent versions of ZoneMinder support 32bit colour. This capture palette provides a performance boost when used on all modern Intel-based processors. The dimensions of the video stream your camera will supply. If your camera supports several just enter the one you’ll want to use for this application, you can always change it later.

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