Is Hacka doll a boy?

Is Hacka doll a boy?

He is called “No. 3-chan” by others but his official profile does call him a trap. While his normal outfit is androgynous, Hacka Doll #3 gets put into various female outfits to further “advance” his customers.

Who made Hacka doll?

Hacka Doll (ハッカドール) is a Japanese subculture news app developed for iOS and Android devices created by DeNA. A short anime series adaptation entitled Hacka Doll the Animation (ハッカドール THE・あにめーしょん) based on the app was produced by Creators in Pack in collaboration with Studio Trigger.

Where can I watch Hacka doll the animation?

Hackadoll the Animation – Watch on Crunchyroll.

When does Hacka Doll the anime come out?

Hacka Doll the Animation (ハッカドール THE・あにめーしょん Hakkadōru THE anime ̄ shon) is a Japanese anime television series based on DeNA ‘s news app Hacka Doll for iOS and Android devices. The anime is produced by Creators in Pack in collaboration with Studio Trigger. The series of anime shorts aired on October 2,…

Who are the main characters in Hacka Doll?

Hacka Doll the Animation. Promotional image of the anime television series featuring the main characters. ハッカドール THE・あにめーしょん. Genre. Comedy, science fiction. Anime television series. Directed by. Ikuo Geso. Studio.

What can I do with a Hacka Doll?

The only hope to solve this problem is a navigator program… Hacka Doll. — from intro Hacka Doll 0 is all but pleased with the latest batch of Hacka Dolls, specifically with the ditzy Hacka Doll 1, Hacka Doll 2 and Hacka Doll 3, created to be Personal Entertainment AI.

What happens to the Hacka Dolls in kurobako?

The Hackadolls get mixed up with a hard-as-nails production assistant and end up working on an anime. But when faced with the gap between fantasy and reality, the girls are crushed. They shall continue to work like dogs until KUROBAKO’s White Box is complete! The Hacka Dolls help a foreign tourist.

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