Is Trey dead the OC?

Is Trey dead the OC?

Trey is revealed to have been in a coma for several months due to his gunshot wound. When he awakens, he is blackmailed by Julie Cooper into telling the authorities that Ryan rather than Marissa shot him. However, Marissa eventually convinces Trey to tell the truth.

Who played Trey Atwood?

Logan Marshall-GreenThe O.C.
Bradley StrykerThe O.C.
Trey Atwood/Voiced by

What happened between Marissa and Trey?

Jess Sathers and Trey Atwood become involved in a drug deal at the Bait Shop. Ryan Atwood finds out about Trey’s attempted rape of Marissa Cooper, and confronts him. They fight, and Marissa arrives as Trey is in the process of strangling Ryan. She shoots Trey in the back, and it was unknown if he would live or die.

Is Ryan Atwood adopted?

The Cohens are a household, made up of the spouses Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, and their three children : Seth, Ryan and later baby Sophie Rose. They also are the family that will give hospitality and subsequently adopt, the young protagonist of the series : Ryan Atwood.

Who are the main characters in the OC?

Portrayed by Benjamin McKenzie, a troubled teenager from Chino who is brought into the privileged community of Newport Beach, California after his mother, Dawn Atwood, throws him out of their family home. Ryan is subsequently taken in by his public defender, Sandy Cohen.

Who is Ryan from the OC in real life?

He is part of The Core Four . Ryan was a teenager from Chino. When the boy is caught stealing a car with his older brother Trey, he is sent to juvenile detention, and it is there that he meets lawyer Sandy Cohen.

Who was to blame for Ryan’s death on the OC?

Ryan was blamed by his brother Trey for shooting him. Subsequently, however, Trey retracted the confession, admitting that Julie had paid him to blame Ryan. With Ryan’s charges dropped, Trey escaped from Newport.

Who is Trey Atwood in The O.C?

Trey Atwood is a secondary characters of The O.C.. He was portrayed by Logan Marshall-Green (Season 2 onward) and by Bradley Stryker (Season 1). He is the elder brother of Ryan, both of whom grew up in Chino (California), after moving from Fresno with their mother Dawn, following the arrest of their father Frank Atwood.

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