What does Selle in Selle Francais mean?

What does Selle in Selle Francais mean?

French Saddle Horse
The Selle Français, also known as the Cheval de Selle Français since 1958, meaning French Saddle Horse, developed out of the combination of several very different breeds, which lends it a hardiness and well-rounded athleticism prized by owners.

Are Selle Francais good jumpers?

Primarily known for its excellence in show jumping, the versatile Selle Francais also excels in dressage and eventing. It shines above all others at show jumping and thanks to the Thoroughbred blood in the breeds veins, Selle Francais horse breeds have the speed and the stamina to succeed in three day eventing.

How much does a Selle Francais horse cost?

The average price of a Selle Francais horse can range between $15,000 to $50,000.

How much does a Selle Francais weigh?

Quick Information

Other Names Selle Française, Cheval de Selle Français
Height 15.1 to 17.3 hands (153 to 176 cm); (60.4 to 69.2 inches)
Weight These lightweight horses weigh about 1300 pounds (590 kg)

Is a Selle Français A warmblood?

An athletic horse with good gaits, it is usually bay or chestnut in color. The Selle Français was created in 1958 when several French riding horse breeds were merged into one stud book….Selle Français.

Distinguishing features Warmblood type, show jumper
Breed standards

Is a Selle Francais a thoroughbred?

Because of its earlier evolution, a large proportion of the early horses had a high percentage of Thoroughbred and Arab blood, and the breed still retains its connections with the French trotter. So unlike its European counterparts, the Selle Français already had plenty of Thoroughbred in the pedigree mix.

What is a French Thoroughbred?

The Selle Français (SF) is a breed of sport horse from France. It is renowned primarily for its success in show jumping, but many have also been successful in dressage and eventing. An athletic horse with good gaits, it is usually bay or chestnut in color.

Which of the following is a French horse breed?

Percheron. The Percheron is one of the most common French horse breeds in the world, with Percheron breeders found on nearly every continent. These gentle giants are famous for their elegant build and exceptional work ethic. Most theories agree that Iberian horses had a major influence on the developing Percheron breed …

What kind of horse is the Selle Francais?

Selle Francais Horse. The Selle Francais is a sport horse of France created in the year 1958 when the merging of several breeds of French horses into a single stud book occurred.

What kind of crossbreeding can you do with Selle Francais?

The Selle Français stud book has long allowed crossbreeding with four other breeds: the Thoroughbred, Arabian, Anglo-Arabian and French Trotter. Today, restrictions exist to harmonize the stud book with directives for other European warmblood breeds.

Is there a stud book for the Selle Francais?

The United Kingdom organization, called Equicours, led to the opening of a British stud book for the Selle Français, and the ANSF-US manages the stud book for the breed in the United States. Brazil, Argentina and Morocco have agreements with the French stud book to register horses bred in those countries.

What kind of temperament does a Selle Francais have?

In recent years, however, the ANSF and breeders have been working to create selection criteria that focus on temperament. The vast majority of Selle Français have good temperaments, quiet but energetic, patient and friendly. The breed is reputed to be intelligent and quick to learn.

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