Is Viniq discontinued?

Is Viniq discontinued?

& J. Gallo–recently discontinued Viniq (the exact date is hard to find, but it looks like maybe sometime in 2019 or 2020). If you happen to see a bottle on the shelf at your local liquor store, chances are it’s one of the last ones left on the market.

What do you drink Viniq with?

Viniq Original Cocktails:

  • A-List: 3 parts. Viniq. 2 parts Champagne. Orange Wheel.
  • Shimmer-tini: 2 parts Viniq. 2 parts Cranberry juice. 1 part New Amsterdam Peach Vodka. 2 Dashes of bitters.
  • Payday: 3 parts Viniq. 1 part Lemonade (1/2 lemon juice/half simple syrup) ½ part Premium orange liqueur. 2 parts Champagne.

Is Viniq safe to drink?

The unique shimmer in VINIQ is the same ingredient that gives frosting its shine on your favorite cake or the sparkle in rock candy and is safe to consume.” Marketing of the drink is completed fixed on its shimmer, as the label directions reads, “shake well before serving” and “shake to shimmer”.

Is Viniq wine or vodka?

All about Viniq This shimmery beverage is a flavorful, crisp blend of premium vodka, natural fruit flavors and Moscato.

Does Viniq taste good?

In the end, I decided that Viniq was not the drink for me. My go-to might not make you do a double take, but I know that it tastes wonderful.

How much alcohol is in Viniq?

The product, Viniq, is 750ml and 30 percent alcohol by volume, which is not much different from other liqueurs.

What is Viniq vodka?

Viniq Shimmery Liqueur 750 Ml (750 ML) A fusion of Premium Vodka, Moscato and natural fruit flavors. Enjoy as you would in cocktails like Martini’s and mixed with fruit juices. This item is available for Gift Wrap.

What is Viniq Ruby?

USA – Viniq Ruby Red is a blend of premium vodka, Moscato and a fusion of strawberry, red berry & orange citrus mixed with “”shimmer””. With a sweet taste and a one-of-a-kind look, Viniq Ruby Red is a head turner. Serve alone or as a mixer. Just shake to shimmer.

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