Is the O2 Apollo Manchester seating?

Is the O2 Apollo Manchester seating?

Venue Information Locally known as The Apollo, it is a listed building, with a capacity of 3,500 (2,514 standing, 986 seats). O2 Apollo Manchester was originally built as a cinema in 1938, which later became ABC Cinema Ardwick.

Is there parking at Manchester Apollo?

Parking / By car There are two official car parks immediately adjacent to the building both priced £7.00. The smaller car park on the Hyde Road side of the building caters for our patrons with access requirements, with a limited number of spaces used on a first come first served basis.

What is the capacity of O2 Ritz Manchester?

O2 Ritz Manchester/Capacity

Venue InformationBack to Top In 2011 the venue was extensively refurbished with £2 million spent on state of the art soundproofing, new sound and lighting equipment and the capacity increased to 1,500.

How do I get O2 priority?

Adding O2 Priority to your phone

  1. Order a SIM from O2 or a cashback site.
  2. Make sure your phone is unlocked (here’s a phone-by-phone guide)
  3. Insert the SIM into your phone.
  4. Register an account with O2 and activate the SIM.
  5. Top up your SIM by £10.
  6. Download the O2 Priority app (use Wifi if you don’t want to use credit)

Does Manchester have park and ride?

Manchester Park and Ride, rail and Metrolink based Park and Rides, Maps & Bus Information, Timetables & Prices : National Park and Ride Directory. For details on the Park and Ride sites outside the ring road click on the link below.

Is Manchester Academy all-standing?

Large all-standing live music venue. Situated on Oxford Road on the Manchester University campus. Head towards Rusholme from City centre and the Academy is next to Manchester Students Union.

What is the capacity of Gorilla Manchester?

600 capacity
After taking over the space that was once the much loved Green Room theatre and bar on Whitworth Street West, Gorilla stood up, beat its chest, and quickly set about making the space work anew – turning the main railway arch into a cool, two storey, glass fronted bar, kitchen and gin parlour, and creating a 600 …

What is the capacity of Albert Hall Manchester?

Gerrard & Sons Ltd of Swinton, it has been designated by English Heritage as a Grade II listed building. The main floor was used as a nightclub from 1999 to 2011. The second floor, the Chapel Hall, unused since 1969, was renovated in 2012–14 for music concerts….Albert Hall, Manchester.

Albert Hall
Seating capacity 2,290
Venue Website

Do you have to pay for 02 priority?

Priority is a free service (although you will be using your data allowance when using the service) and it’s exclusive to O2 mobile customers. Priority contains a mixture of exclusive offers and some offers that are Open2All. Exclusive offers are only available to O2 customers.

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