Does deezer have a Windows app?

Does deezer have a Windows app?

Windows. Deezer desktop app is available to all users. You’ll need a minimum version Windows 7 or later to reinstall the new app.

How do I download Deezer for Windows?

To download the Deezer desktop app for Windows or Mac, follow these steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Open your Downloads folder, look for the app.
  3. Follow the steps to install the app.
  4. Once installation is complete, launch the app, login and enjoy.

Is the Deezer app free to use?

With Deezer Free you’ll benefit from cross-device listening, so you can enjoy a seamless listening experience on: iOS and Android mobile & tablet devices. Deezer desktop app, download here. Deezer web player (log in to

How do I download Deezer without Microsoft store?

Downloading Deezer Without the Windows Store. Go to You can download Deezer if you have a Windows 7 or later computer as well as a macOS 10.10 or later. You can also stream Deezer in a web player by going to

What is Deezer app for?

The app is available on Web, Android, Kindle Fire HDX, OS X, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian. It is a subscription service, with a premium option available that provides the ability to listen to the music at higher quality and download it to listen offline.

Is Deezer any good?

A streaming service that focuses on sound quality. While not as popular as some of the other major streaming services, Deezer is a great option with a clean UI, easy to understand EQ controls, and the option to stream HiFi FLAC files on desktop.

Does Deezer need WiFi?

By default, the Deezer app will only download your music when you are connected to Wi-Fi to save data. You can change your Audio settings at anytime. However, it’s worth checking with your mobile provider as downloading with your phone’s data can result in high charges.

What is Deezer app?

Deezer is a music streaming service with more than 43 million licensed tracks. Users can listen to or download music from most major record labels. Deezer can be downloaded as a free app or subscribed to for a fee. The app is available on Web, Android, Kindle Fire HDX, OS X, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian.

What does Deezer cost?

Spotify vs. Deezer: Pricing

Subscription Price
Deezer Student Free for 30 days then $4.99/mo
Deezer Premium $9.99 for 3 months then $9.99/mo OR $99.90/year
Deezer Family Free for 30 days then $14.99/mo
Deezer HiFi Free for 30 days then $14.99/mo

What apps are available in Windows Store?

The first wave of these apps is already available in the Microsoft Store, and here’s the list with their corresponding download links: Skyscanner. Space. ZipRecruiter. Men’s Wearhouse. Student Doctor Network. DayTrip. myCARFAX. Travelzoo. The Penny Hoarder. Airfarewatchdog. oyster. The A.V. Club. HealthyWay. Live Science. Subway.

How do I put apps on my Desktop?

Here’s how to pin your Universal Windows Apps to the Desktop 1. Open the Start Screen or Start Menu 2. Pin the required app to the main tile panel of the Start Screen. 3. Using touch, a pen or the mouse, simply drag and drop the app on the desktop. That’s all that’s required.

How do you download apps to desktop?

1. Open DocuWare Client and the main menu. Select Install Desktop Apps. 2. The setup of DocuWare Desktop Apps will be downloaded. Then run the setup as an administrator. 3. In the next dialog, choose the desktop components that you want to install.

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