How do I create a link to share on Facebook?

How do I create a link to share on Facebook?

To share a link from your Page:

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page.
  3. Click Create Post at the top of your Page’s timeline and enter the link you want to share.
  4. Images from the webpage may automatically be added to your post’s preview.
  5. Click Post.

Where is the Share Link button on Facebook?

To generate a Facebook Share Button, visit and specify the URL you want people to share as well as the width. Then generate the code, and paste it into your site where you want the button to appear.

How do I add a link to share on WordPress?

To activate sharing buttons, navigate to Jetpack → Settings → Sharing. Here, under Sharing buttons, turn on the Add sharing buttons to your posts button. Next, from your WordPress menu, select Settings → Sharing. Under Sharing Buttons, drag the services appropriate to your website into the Enabled Services box.

How do I share my social media links?

How To Create Your Own Share Links

  1. 1) Go to
  2. 2) Choose the social network you want people to share your content on.
  3. 3) Fill in the blanks.
  4. 4) Download a social button icon.
  5. 5) Make the icons clickable using your share link.

Why is the share button not working on Facebook?

If no ‘Share’ button appears on a post – it is because of the Privacy Settings of the original post. If a post is set for ‘Friends Only’ (perhaps this is your Default Timeline setting) – it will not be available for ‘Sharing’ around on Facebook beyond that setting.

How do you share a social media link?

Meet the Share Link Generator

  1. Copy the URL of whatever you want to share.
  2. Paste that URL into the Share Link Generator (along with a few accompanying words or hashtags, depending which social network you’re posting to).

How do I link my Facebook page to my WordPress website?

To add it to your blog, enable the sharing options you want and click on Edit Sharing Buttons and select Facebook. Check off the boxes next to the areas of your site you’d like to display the sharing buttons below under Options. Read more about this on the Sharing support page.

How do I Share my WordPress blog to Facebook?

Click on the ‘Share new WordPress Blog posts to your Facebook Page’ button and then you’ll see this page: Now it’s time to connect your IFTTT account to your Facebook page. Click on the big connect button, and you’ll be taken to Facebook to make the connection.

How can I connect my Facebook page to my WordPress page?

“Social Publisher” will allow you to select who’s Timeline your post can appear on and can also be done for Pages. To set that up, tick the box to allow that setting and click the link to connect your Facebook and WordPress accounts.

How do I share a link on Facebook?

This may not include images. To preview a link share to iTunes or Google Play, enter your URL into the Sharing Debugger. You can enable sharing from your website using social plugins or your own UI that opens Facebook sharing dialogs.

How to find your Facebook profile link or page link?

1 Open the Facebook app. 2 Tap the Profile icon at the top. 3 Now tap the three horizontal dots button at the right under your profile description. 4 At the very end of the page, tap the Copy Link button. Find it under the “Your Profile Link” with the “Your personalized link on Facebook” section.

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