How do I get my transcripts from Front Range Community College?

How do I get my transcripts from Front Range Community College?

Students can request an electronic or paper transcript via the student account in eWOLF or at Electronic transcripts are delivered in a PDF format. Students who are not able to pay with a credit card can contact the Office of the Registrar for other options.

What is a passing grade at Front Range Community College?

A satisfactory, or “S” grade, is a “C” or better. Grades are issued at the end of each semester and are not mailed. Students may access grades by logging into their account in eWOLF through

What is the acceptance rate for Front Range Community College?

Front Range is a public college located in Westminster, Colorado in the Denver Area. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 4,937 undergraduate students. The Front Range acceptance rate is 100%.

What SAT score is required for Front Range?

SAT: 470 or higher verbal and a 500 or higher math score. If you took the SAT before March 1, 2016, you will need 430 or higher for Evidence-based Reading and 460 or higher in math.

How much is CSU tuition?

Local tuition 11,901 USD, Domestic tuition 30,622 USD (2019 – 20)
Colorado State University/Undergraduate tuition and fees

How much does a Front Range Community College Transcript cost?

Pricing Transcript Type & Delivery Cost Electronic Transcript: Delivered via ema $3.00 Paper Transcript: Mailed Standard USPS $5.50 Paper Transcript: Mailed USPS Internatio $6.00 Paper Transcript: Immediate Student Pick $10.00

Can a guest student transfer to Front Range Community College?

FRCC accepts credits for classes in which you earned a C- or higher. Learn about other credits we accept, such as AP and IB. If you’re a guest or visiting student and won’t be earning a degree at FRCC (and not transferring in any credit), please see the streamlined admissions process for you.

What does Front Range Community College stand for?

FRCC is dedicated to the safety, health, and well-being of its students, faculty, staff and community.

Where can I view my FRCC transcript online?

If you currently attend FRCC or attended within the past year, you can view and print an unofficial transcript through eWOLF. In an effort to reduce COVID-19 exposure to our students, their parents, our faculty and staff, most offices are working remotely to continue to support our college community.

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