How do I access my ECU student email?

How do I access my ECU student email?

To access your Piratemail account via the Web, go to and enter your full email address (Pirate [email protected]) and Passphrase.

What is my ECU username?

Your ECU Login ID is the same as the letters at the start of your ECU student email address ([email protected]). If you cannot remember this, then you will need to contact the IT Service Desk who will be able to assist you.

How do I reset my ECU email password?

Option 1. Self Service Maintenance Portal (recommended)

  1. Power off mobile devices or sign out of ECU mobile apps like Outlook mobile.
  2. Click the Set Passphrase icon and type the new passphrase.
  3. Click the Main menu button and then the Exit button.
  4. Immediately update the passphrase for mobile apps* or sign in, if prompted.

How do I find my ECU password?

If you forget your password, or don’t change it often enough (in which case you will be locked out of your account), you need to either call the helpdesk (9866) or use the passphrase maintenance self service system at . The latter method is preferred.

How do I connect to ECU WIFI?

Connect with Wifi

  1. Select ‘ECU Guest Wi-Fi’ in the wireless settings.
  2. Click ‘Register here’ and follow the prompts.
  3. Check your email – your login details will be sent to the email address provided.
  4. Login to the ECU Guest Wi-Fi.

What is the ECU passphrase?

A PirateID and unique strong passphrase, created during the activation process, are used to log in to IT systems such as the ECU network and email. A PirateID username is not the same as the ECU ID, or Banner ID, which is a unique number identifying an employee or student within ECU’s administrative systems.

How do I access my student email account?

Access to your student email account is done via Excelsia Online (ExO). Log in to ExO using the username and password you were provided with upon admission. You will then see an ‘Email’ tab which will take you to your student email account.

Is ECU hard to get into?

The acceptance ratio of East Carolina University was 82.0% as of 2019

What is ECU banner ID?

Your ECU ID (sometimes called Banner ID) is a unique identifying number for your student record; it takes the place of a social security number. It is a capital B followed by 8 digits. The Graduate School will include your PirateID and ECU ID in the official admission letter that they mail to you.

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