Is Napsbury hospital still there?

Is Napsbury hospital still there?

Napsbury Hospital was a mental health facility near London Colney in Hertfordshire. It had two sister institutions, Harperbury Hospital and Shenley Hospital, within a few miles of its location….

Napsbury Hospital
Opened 1905
Closed 1998

What is Napsbury hospital now?

Middlesex County Asylum (Formerly known as) Napsbury Asylum (Formerly known as) Napsbury Mental Hospital (Formerly known as) County of Middlesex War Hospital (Formerly known as)

When did Napsbury hospital close?

Details: Napsbury Hospital, St Albans

Previous location
Foundation Year 1905
Closed Yes
Closure year 1999
Records can be found at:

When was Napsbury Park built?

3 June 1905
4.3 In 1900, the architect Rowland Plumb designed an innovative complex of buildings in a country mansion-style, set in a country estate-style parkland and informal gardens. Napsbury Park was opened on 3 June 1905 as Middlesex County Asylum. Plumbe also designed the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel in 1907.

When did Shenley Hospital close?

The closure of the Hospital By the end of 1998 the last of the patients were moved out and the Hospital finally closed after 60 years of service. It was then sold off to property developers for housing. The Mansion itself and the Water Tower were sold to developers.

Who owns Napsbury Park?

Crest Nicholson acquired the site in about 2002. Around 545 residences have been created in a mix of apartments in the converted buildings alongside new detached and terraced houses the masterplan and detailed designs were drawn up by Design Group 3 architects.

Is Napsbury a nice place to live?

A small hamlet that lies on the outskirts of St Albans, Napsbury offers all the ease of country living with the handy nearby amenities of a thriving town. A true Hertfordshire gem with community spirit and a sprawl of beautiful rural land.

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