What questions do they ask you before donating blood?

What questions do they ask you before donating blood?

Why do you ask such personal questions during the donor selection process?

  • Why should I donate blood?
  • Who may donate blood?
  • What do I get in return for my blood donation?
  • Is there a substitute for blood?
  • What does it mean to have a rare blood type?
  • How does the BTS meet the need for rare blood types?

What disqualifies you from donating blood or plasma?

Certain chronic illnesses, such as hepatitis and HIV, automatically disqualify someone from donating. Other active conditions, such as tuberculosis, must be treated first for a certain amount of time before an individual can donate blood or plasma.

How much do you have to weigh to give blood if you are 5 2?

Females or Nonbinary Donors 18-Years-Old or Younger
If you are: 5’1” or less 5’2”
You must weigh at least: 133 lbs. 129 lbs.

How much should you weigh to give blood?

110 lbs.
Be at least 17 years old in most states (16 years old with parental consent in some states). Weigh at least 110 lbs. Additional height and weight requirements apply for donors 18 years old and younger and all high school student donors. Have not donated blood in the last 56 days.

Does the Red Cross actually sell blood?

Although most blood banks are nonprofits, the Red Cross and others often sell donated blood . The Red Cross alone sells about $2 billion worth of blood each year. Part of the money these organizations gain from selling blood is used to cover costs associated with blood testing and processing, as well as employee salaries.

What you must know before blood donation?

First, know if you’re even eligible for donation. The most basic requirements are that donors must be healthy, at least 17 years old in most states, and weigh at least 110 pounds. When you go to give blood, you’ll get a mini-physical of sorts, during which someone will check your pulse, blood pressure, hemoglobin level and temperature.

What questions are asked when giving blood?

Medical history and mini-physical. Before you donate, an employee from the blood bank will ask you some confidential questions about your health and lifestyle. You’ll also get a short health exam or “mini-physical.” An employee will take your pulse, blood pressure, and temperature, and take a small sample of blood for testing.

What to expect when donating blood?

Donating Blood: What to Expect. Donating blood will take approximately 45 minutes for the entire process. It is important that you are well prepared for your donation. Eat a well-balanced meal and drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids, such as water or juice.

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