What is a vectorscope used for?

What is a vectorscope used for?

A vectorscope measures the chrominance (color components) of a video signal, including hue and saturation. A vectorscope maps a video’s color information onto a circular chart. The traditional waveform monitor is useful in measuring the brightness, or luminance component, of a video signal.

How do I view a vectorscope in Premiere Pro?

Accessing the Premiere Pro Vectorscope To get this setup go to Window > Workspace > Color Correction. Then access the reference monitor (it should be directly below your program monitor unless, of course, you have customized your workspace in some way).

What is the difference between a waveform and a vectorscope?

The vectorscope is used to measure the color information in a video image, while the waveform displays the brightness, or luminance, of a shot.

Which is the reference signal for the vectorscope?

The reference signal used for the vectorscope’s display is the color burst that is transmitted before each line of video, which for NTSC is defined to have a phase of 180°, corresponding to the nine-o’clock position on the graticule.

How are vectorscopes used in audio and video?

A vectorscope is a special type of oscilloscope used in both audio and video applications. Whereas an oscilloscope or waveform monitor normally displays a plot of signal vs. time, a vectorscope displays an X-Y plot of two signals, which can reveal details about the relationship between these two signals.

How does the vectorscope work on NTSC video?

Small target boxes indicate where fully saturated magenta, blue, cyan, green, yellow, and red (present in a color bars test pattern) should appear. In NTSC video, chrominance levels should not exceed these target areas. The Vectorscope has the following controls: Adjusts the brightness of the pattern display.

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