Is Brago a good commander?

Is Brago a good commander?

I consider Brago one of the most underrated commanders, as his combos offer brutal mana ramp and triggered abilities that will serve you well.

How do you win with Brago?

The deck’s primary win condition comes through Strionic Resonator. With it and two mana worth of mana rocks (or a land untapper like Treachery), you can create an infinite number of Brago’s blink triggers.

Can you play Yorion in Commander?

Yorion, the white/blue companion, is legal in Brawl and Commander decks and can be your commander. However, it can’t be used as a companion because its deck-building restriction changes the size of your starting deck.

How does Strionic resonator work with Brago?

Yes, that works. When Brago, King Eternal hits, his ability triggers. Before it resolves, tap Mana Vault for , use of that and tap Strionic Resonator to copy Brago’s trigger. If the targets of the original trigger were not already Mana Vault and Resonator, change the targets of the copy to include these two.

Can Brago King eternal exile himself?

You can’t target any creature that didn’t survive combat. You may exile and return Brago using its own ability.

What’s the deck idea for Brago King Eternal?

GENERAL DECK IDEA: Brago, King Eternal is the king of value. It’s ability allows you to trigger “Enter the battlefield” and “Leave the battlefield” effects every single turn.

How does A Brago deck work in commander?

This means we can ramp mana in a weird way, despite not being in colors good for ramping. BRAGO DECK IS EXTREMELY RELIABLE ON ITS COMMANDER: Your deck is much slower when Brago is not on the field hitting your opponents.

How does Brago get new tools every set?

BRAGO GETS NEW TOOLS EVERY SET: Permanents that do something when entering the battlefield is a very common mechanic in the game. Every set there are new white, blue and artifact cards that can work with Brago. This means we are always making little adjustments and getting excited with weird cards when spoiler season for new sets begin.

How does Brago’s ability untap everything you have?

BRAGO’S ABILITY UNTAPS EVERYTHING YOU HAVE: When permanents leave the battlefield and come back again, they come back as new objects. They are not the same card that was previously on the battlefield.

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