What is on TV tonight in Christchurch?

What is on TV tonight in Christchurch?


Time TV Show
5:30 pm Happy Days The Lemon – Season 1 Episode 2
6:00 pm Evening News at 6
7:00 pm Inside the Story 09-02-2021 – Season 10 Episode 178
7:30 pm Access Hollywood

What happened to CHCH TV?

The company contracted to provide news, Channel 11 LP has filed for bankruptcy. Parent company of CHCH, Channel Zero, has not filed for bankruptcy. The others will not return in the streamlined operation, which will see local news programming dropped from 80 hours per week down to 17.5 to 18.

Is CHCH off the Air 2020?

CHCH is not ceasing operations or going off the air. CHCH and Channel Zero remain committed to the delivery of local news. CHCH will continue to broadcast with a new format that keeps the core news broadcasts intact, but contains fewer overall hours of local news.

Where is CHCH moving to 2021?

One such company, Hamilton’s local news leader CHCH-TV, recently announced a move from their legacy broadcast studio in downtown Hamilton to the neighbourhood where the Hamilton Technology Centre currently resides, on Innovation Drive.

When did CHCH TV start broadcasting in Hamilton?

CHCH-TV started broadcasting in 1954 and is proud to be the news leader for Hamilton and the surrounding Halton and Niagara regions. CHCH produces over 24 hours of original local news programming each week.

Where is the current location of CHCH TV?

The building is currently undergoing extensive renovation and will feature studios dedicated to news programming and produced shows. CHCH-TV is one of Canada’s original television stations, broadcasting continuously since June of 1954 from its current location at Jackson Street and Caroline Street.

How many hours of local news does CHCH have?

CHCH airs 24½ hours of local news each week. 22½ hours are broadcast on weekdays, which includes an hour-long 6 p.m. newscast, a half-hour 11 p.m. newscast, and three hours of Morning Live each weekday.

What do you watch on CHCH-TV North Bay?

Nightly current affairs program featuring front line investigative reports that explore the major social, political and general news stories of the present news cycle. Learn how poor circulation affects you, and how to get fast relief with Dr. Ho’s. Your all-access pass to the biggest news stories from around the globe.

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