What kind of care does Sanford behavioral health offer?

What kind of care does Sanford behavioral health offer?

Sanford Behavioral Health offers behavioral health treatment in inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization settings. Inpatient care is medical care that happens in a hospital, if your symptoms are severe enough that you need to be monitored by health professionals.

What does Sanford Thief River Falls behavioral health center do?

Sanford Thief River Falls Behavioral Health Center offers comprehensive services for people of all ages needing assistance with their everyday lives. See our behavioral health experts for crisis care and stabilization, treatment and management, in the level of care you need – inpatient or outpatient.

What does the Sanford housing program do for You?

The Sanford Housing Program recognizes that housing is a basic right and that following a service plan will be easier when housing is take care of. The program focuses on giving the opportunity for tenants to learn skills to successfully manage a lease, develop a housing crisis and housing stabilization plan, and maintain permanent housing.

What happens when you go to Sanford rehab?

When you’re admitted to Sanford Inpatient Rehabilitation, you start a journey toward recovery. We believe in starting inpatient rehabilitation with a discharge plan. You’ll partner with specialists who’ll identify your goals and create a plan tailored to your condition, abilities and needs.

Who are the mental health providers in NC?

Since 1958, Monarch has been a statewide provider of comprehensive specialty mental health and human services. And as one of North Carolina’s largest non-profits, we take pride in offering trauma-informed, quality care for people with mental illness, substance use disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Who are the behavioral health providers in North Dakota?

Learn how to choose the right provider for your needs below. The Behavioral Health Bridge provides mental health support to communities in North Dakota. It is backed by a partnership between Sanford Health and the University of North Dakota.

What does it mean to be an outpatient in behavioral health?

Outpatient care means that patients come to a facility to receive treatment and leave when the procedure, therapy or testing is complete. Partial hospitalization programs are in between inpatient and outpatient care.

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