What did a 4F draft classification denote?

What did a 4F draft classification denote?

The draft classification 4-F, defined by General Lewis B. Hershey, the director of Selective Service, is a category of men found, “unfit for military service,” due to physical, mental or moral reasons.

What does 1a mean draft?

eligible for military service
Registrants were classified 1-A (eligible for military service), 1-AO (conscientious objector available for non-combatant military service), and 1-O (conscientious objector available for alternate community service).

What is a 1 H draft classification?

New Classifications A new classification, I‐H, Was created for men who are not immediately susceptible to being drafted. Thus, when a man registers for the draft at age 18, he will be classified 1‐H because he is not liable for induction until the calendar year hi which his 20th birthday occurs.

What medical conditions are exempt from draft?

The Diseases and Infirmities Exempting from the Draft.

  • Manifest imbecility.
  • Insanity.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Paralysis, general or of one limb, or chorea; their existence to be adequately determined.

What is the glossary for draft status codes?

Glossary entry for Draft Status Codes. Available for military service. Conscientious objector available for noncombatants military service only. A member of the armed forces of the U.S., the Coast and Geodetic Survey, or the Public Health Service. A member of reserve components a or student taking military training.

What are the classifications of the draft board?

not present Classification D Definition I I-A A Available for military service I-A-0 C Conscientious objector available f I-C M Member of the armed forces of I-D M Member of reserve component or

When did you have to register for the draft?

Draft Status – Draft Categories which could be assigned in 1969.The Selective Service Act of 1967 required all men between the ages of 18 and 26 to register for service. Those called up to active military duty were said to have been drafted.

Who is not eligible for the military draft?

Registrant who has completed service or sole surviving son. Official deferred by law. Alien. Minister of religion or divinity student. Registrant not qualified for any military service. Registrant exempt from service during peace (surviving son or brother). or other interests in lieu of induction into the Armed Forces of the United States.

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