What does TFO stand for in texting?

What does TFO stand for in texting?

TFO — Totally Freaked Out.

What is an acronym for Positive?

POS. (redirected from positive)

What is NPO Latin?

A Latin abbreviation for “nothing by mouth.”

What does Ogt stand for?

Original Gangster Tool
Original Gangster Tool, someone who claims to have been a fan of rock/metal band Tool since the beginning; term appears in Tool’s 1996 song “Hooker with a Penis” OG: Original Gangster (Original Gangster Thug), a 1991 album by Ice-T.

What can a BHC do under the BHCA Act?

BHCs today engage in a significantly broader range of activities than the narrow limits set out in the 1956 BHCA, enabled through subsequent amendments to the Act. BHCs can apply and elect to be FHCs and then conduct any activities permitted under GLB and BHCA.

What does busy hour call completion ( BHCA ) mean?

BHCA is not to be confused with busy hour call completion (BHCC) which measures the throughput capacity of the network. If a bottleneck in the network exists with a capacity lower than the estimated BHCA, then congestion will occur resulting in many failed calls and customer dissatisfaction.

Which is an example of a BHCA phone exchange?

BHCA is usually used when planning telephone switching capacities and frequently goes side by side with the Erlang unit capacity calculation. As an example, a telephone exchange with a capacity of one million BHCA is estimated to handle 250,000 subscribers.

Is the Federal Reserve responsible for administering the BHCA?

(79) The Federal Reserve, the agency responsible for administering the BHCA, which this provision of the GLBA amended, has not taken a position on this question. For these reasons, we conclude that the Board is without authority under the BHCA to require MCorp to transfer its funds to its troubled subsidiary bank.

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