Where did the name finger 11 come from?

Where did the name finger 11 come from?

The group got signed by Coalition Entertainment in 1996, and changed their name to “Finger Eleven” in March 1997. The name Finger Eleven came from a demo of their song “Thin Spirits”. The band’s debut album, Tip, was released on Mercury Records in 1997 and re-released by Windup Records the following year.

Did Finger Eleven write Slow Chemical Kane?

There’s a real strength to the songs and the vibe. Going to the roots of a rock and roll and guitar kind of thing. Alex Obert: What is your opinion of the Finger Eleven track, Slow Chemical? That was a strange opportunity where we got to write the theme song for the WWE wrestler, Kane.

Is Finger Eleven still a band?

A staple of the post-grunge alt-rock scene since 1989, Canadian rockers Finger Eleven (formerly known as- yes, seriously- the Rainbow Butt Monkeys), are still tearing it up on stages throughout the globe today.

When did paralyzer come out?


Who are the members of the band Finger Eleven?

Originally comprised of Scott Anderson (vocals), Sean Anderson (bass), Rob Gommerman (drums), and James Black and Rick Jackett on guitars, they won a rock band search contest on local radio and used the prize money to record their first album, 1995’s Letters from Chutney. Gommerman left the band soon after, making way for drummer Rich Beddoe.

What was the biggest hit from Finger Eleven?

Finger Eleven (album) Finger Eleven is the third studio album from the Canadian alternative rock band Finger Eleven. Because of its commercial success, they were welcomed to the SnoCore 2004 tour. “One Thing” became the biggest single from this record, reaching 16 on the Billboard Hot 100.

When did Finger Eleven come out in the US?

Finger Eleven was also the band’s most successful album yet in the United States, reaching #1 on the Top Heatseekers chart and appearing on the Billboard 200, peaking at #96 in 2004. The album was certified Platinum in Canada and Gold in the United States, making it the band’s first album to receive a certification in the U.S.

When did the song Paralyzer come out Finger Eleven?

“Paralyzer” is the first single from Finger Eleven’s fourth album, Them vs. You vs. Me, which was released in March 2007. Finger Eleven’s frontman Scott Anderson has said that the single has a feel distinct from the rest of Finger Eleven’s music, possessing more of a funk rock or dance-rock sound.

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