How do I send a letter to an Israeli soldier?

How do I send a letter to an Israeli soldier?

All messages are sent directly to Lone Soldiers through The Lone Soldier Project™ of The Israel Forever Foundation. Please note that while all letters are greatly appreciated, not all soldiers will have the opportunity to reply. Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

How can I support IDF?

Here are 5 things you can do to be part of the IDF without leaving your home:

  1. DONATE to the IDF Winter Gear Campaign .
  2. Follow Standing Together on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER accounts.
  3. We will be traveling to the US over the next months, run a parlor meeting or help set up a speaking engagement in your community.

Can non Israelis serve in the IDF?

Overseas residents can serve in the IDF through various volunteer programs which are for young non-Israelis of Jewish background who are legal residents in Israel (and descendants of a Jewish grandparent) and overseas Israelis who are younger than 24 (men), 21 (women), 36 (physicians).

Do all Israeli citizens serve in the military?

National military service is mandatory for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18, although Arab (but not Druze) citizens are exempted if they so please, and other exceptions may be made on religious, physical or psychological grounds (see Profile 21).

Why do Israeli soldiers wear strange hats?

The main purpose of the Mitznefet is to break up the distinctive outline of a helmeted human head via its floppiness and also prevent light from reflecting off of the wearer’s helmet, providing a tactical advantage and making it easier to camouflage when necessary.

Does Israel have an aircraft carrier?

Though Israel has no plans for an aircraft carrier (and probably couldn’t afford designing, building and operating one), a carrier that Israel could deploy somewhere in the Persian Gulf (though that would make the vessel vulnerable to attacks from Iran in the Strait of Hormuz and its nearly impossible for a vessel this …

Where do we send cards to the troops?

Tampa, FL 33613. We will send them to deployed soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen.

How to help friends of Israel Defense Forces?

IDF soldiers need our community more than ever. They need you now. Give now to show your support and encourage others to do the same. Follow FIDF via email and social media to remain in close contact with FIDF and assist Israel’s courageous soldiers. Remember, 100 percent of funds raised will address soldiers’ needs.

Can you send a pen pal to a deployed soldier?

This is the way you can communicate your support and thanks to the troops. It is not possible to write directly to or be a direct pen pal with a deployed soldier. You send them to SOT, we send them forward.

Why are Israeli soldiers in line of Defense?

Hamas continues to bombard Israel with nonstop rocket fire, threatening millions of Israeli lives. IDF soldiers are the crucial line of defense, ensuring Israelis remain safe and secure.

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