Are balconies part of common property?

Are balconies part of common property?

The type B, C and D balconies form part of the common property. Clearly, therefore, if a balcony forms part of a section, the owner must “repair and maintain” it. So in a type A balcony, the registered owner of the section pays.

Who is responsible for balcony repairs?

When it comes to balconies, the body corporate is usually responsible for maintaining: The outside of the building. Railings or balustrades on, or near, the boundary between common property and a lot, including the exterior portion of a balustrade on a private balcony.

Are balconies common property NSW?

most balcony doors are usually common property if the strata plan was registered after 1974. a townhouse or villa), is usually common property if the strata plan was registered after 1 July 1974, unless the registered strata plan says it is not.

Is body corporate responsible for waterproofing?

Not always cut and dry. It’s a simple proposition in theory: a body corporate is responsible for maintaining common property, including keeping common property waterproof membranes watertight.

When does the balcony Bill go into effect?

Below is an overview of the important points you need to be aware of regarding these new laws, which will go into effect on January 1, 2020.

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What does section 27 of the Sectional Title Act mean?

The Sectional Titles Act, Act 95 of 1986, per Section 27 describes a formal process of having Exclusive Use Rights registered: Can only be registered by way of a unanimous resolution of owners. Architect or Land Surveyor to be appointed. Costs excessively high and more often not affordable for Body Corporate.

Who is the owner of a type B balcony?

That means that, until another court comes to a different conclusion, or the Act is amended, the answer in the case of a type B balcony right is that the registered owner of the EUA is the person who pays. It seems a harsh decision: the payer gets no benefit from the expense.

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