How do you kill a Berserker on a train?

How do you kill a Berserker on a train?

The third and final method to kill the third berserker is to lure the berserker to the very end of the train. Then stand at the very edge of the back, and lure the berserker. jump left or right, right before she can hit you, and she will trip, fall off the train, and die.

How do you kill the Berserker in Gears of War Judgement?

At some point Berserkers and enemies with flame throwers will join the fight. First, deal with latter ones, because you need their weapons to kill Berserkers. Collect all flame throwers and start using them against Berserkers. Their armor will change color, which is a signal to attack them using standard weapon.

Are all female locust Berserkers?

History. Berserkers are female Locust. Even though they are blind, they use their sense of smell and hearing to find their target(s). Berserkers can be killed once their extremely tough skin is heated or set ablaze, softening it and allowing significantly more damage to be done to them, or by sustained small arms fire.

Is the matriarch a Berserker?

The Matriarch, or Subject UL-119-2, was the first Locust Drone created at Mount Kadar Laboratory, and was the original Berserker, the female species of the Locust Horde.

How strong is a berserker?

Super Durability: Berserkers are one of the most durable supernatural creatures seen to date. They are capable of withstanding an exceptional amounts of damage with little to no injury whatsoever. Chris Argent stated that it took almost every bullet he and two other hunters had to take down just one of them.

How do you lure the Berserker in Gears of War?

Once you’ve got the berserker through the third door, you’ll exit outside where the Hammer of Dawn can work its magic. Put some distance between you and the berserker so you can lure her into smashing one of the large concrete blocks in the yard.

How do you lure the Berserker outside the tomb?


  1. Getting the COG Tag. Look for a set of COG Tags from the body of Gyules, then follow the halls until a cutscene shows the Berserker charge into the same hall you’re in.
  2. Lure her out to smash the door for you to exit to the next part of the Tomb.
  3. Killing the Berserker.

Is Scott a Berserker?

Yes, Kate and Peter are still hanging around, but we left last week knowing exactly what they were up to: Peter wants Scott dead in order to steal his power, and Kate is helping him out by turning Scott into a Berserker so that his friends will kill him without knowing it.

What is a Berserker rage?

Berserker Rage is a level 40 warrior ability that Enrages the warrior, rendering them immune to Fear, [Sap] and Incapacitate effects and removing any such effects currently afflicting them. It lasts 6 seconds, and has a 1 minute cooldown.

How to shoot a berserker in Gears of War Judgment?

But just shoot them with fire, stick em with a frag, and rince and repeat they go down in like 3 frags and half your schorcher ammo or probly less. I did this earlier today, and it just took me two scorchers. Heat ’em up for few seconds then switch to a gun and go for the headshots with your alt weapon. Light em up then frag em.

How do you get rid of a berserker on a train?

There is an alternative method for removing this berserker, there is a large gas cylinder on the left side of the train (as you face the engine). If you’re fast and accurate when the berserker arrives, a well thrown frag grenade will detonate the tank, blow the last 2 cars off the rest of the train and leave you safe.

What do you need to know about Berserker help?

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Is there a walkthrough for Gears of war?

Gears of War Walkthrough Gears of War Act 1: Ashes · Act 2: Nightfall · Act 3: Act 1 14 Years After E-Day · Trial By Fire · F Act 2 Tick Tick Boom · Grist · Outpost · Letha Act 3 Downpour · Evolution · Coalition Cargo · Act 4 Campus Grinder · Bad to Worse · Hazing ·

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