What does Clear Wax do for chalk paint?

What does Clear Wax do for chalk paint?

You can apply a thin clear wax. This will retain the color of your painted piece while providing protection from the elements. Dip your wax brush lightly into the clear wax. Use brush strokes to rub the wax into the furniture.

Can you use Clear Wax on dark chalk paint?

Allow the paint to dry before applying a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax using a lint-free cloth or a Chalk Paint® Wax Brush. Remove any excess wax with a lint-free cloth. While the Clear Wax is still wet, apply Dark Chalk Paint® Wax with a Chalk Paint® Wax Brush, working in small areas at a time.

Do you have to put Clear Wax over chalk paint?

Wax is absolutely worth applying to chalk paint, especially if you want to protect your furniture and keep it looking good for longer.

Is wax or clear coat better for chalk paint?

Buff the wax into the chalk paint finish. For a nice sheen or luster use wax. It will deepen the paint color just a bit, making it a bit richer. Wax comes in clear and colors to give you more finish options.

Can I roll on chalk paint?

People often ask us if you can “roll” Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan onto your piece. The answer is yes, you absolutely can! Before rolling, you can dilute your paint with water by 10% to help the paint lay down. If you do this, your surface may require an additional coat.

How do you fix chalk paint wax mistakes?

The easiest way to fix blotchy wax on chalk paint is to grab a clean rag and apply “fresh wax”, then polish over the blotchy area, this new wax will rub into the existing wax creating a new looking finish.

Can you use a foam roller to apply chalk paint?

Can you use a foam roller with chalk paint? Yes you can. I would just do a first coat with a paint brush, then the second coat with the foam roller. It just gives a softer look.

How much wax to use on chalk paint?

Pick up a 500 mL (17 fl oz) tin of wax per 3 to 4 L (0.79 to 1.06 US gal) of chalk paint you’re using for your project. Start with a clear coat, even if you later want to apply dark wax. If dark wax is used first, it will soak into the chalk paint and the pigments will be harder to lift off.

What kind of chalk paint does Oxford Navy use?

This classic but contemporary kitchen has been given a new lease of life with a lick of Chalk Paint® in Oxford Navy. A fresh coat of Chalk Paint® is an excellent alternative to redoing your entire kitchen ( click here to find out more ), and as demonstrated here, the end result is fresh, smart and beautiful.

Why does my chalk paint look blotchy after waxing?

If after waxing your painted surface there are darker versus lighter areas or it looks blotchy, apply another coat of clear wax. It is probably because the wax was not properly absorbed into the porous Chalk Paint®.

What to do when your chalk paint is tacky?

So, after you have applied your wax and removed the residual and the wax has dried so it is no longer tacky….the final part of your project may be to buff the surface to achieve your desired sheen. The more you buff- the higher the sheen. Also- experiment with buffing strokes.

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