Who plays lead guitar on down by the river?

Who plays lead guitar on down by the river?

Trey Anastasio, lead guitarist and frontman of Phish, writes, “If I was ever going to teach a master class to young guitarists, the first thing I would play them is the first minute of Neil Young’s original ‘Down by the River’ solo. It’s one note, but it’s so melodic, and it just snarls with attitude and anger.

What tuning is hold back the river in?

It’s originally in D tuning (everything down a whole step), so you can choose to either retune or hit ‘Transpose’ and Yousician will raise the pitch so you can play along in standard tuning. Strengthen your chord reading and playing skills with this groovy song.

What key is down by the river in?

E minor
The song is composed in the key of E minor. The verse follows a chord progression of Em7-A while the pre-chorus is Cmajor7-Bm-Cmajor7-Bm-C-Bm-D and the chorus is G-D-D-A.

What are the chords to down by the river?

[Chorus] D A G Down by the river, D A G I shot my baby. D A Down by the river, Em7 A Em7 A dead, ooh, shot her dead. Em7 A Em7 A [Verse] You take my hand, I’ll take your hand, together we may get away. This much madness is too much sorrow, it’s impossible to make it today, [Pre-Chorus] yeah, ooh, ooh, yeah.

What kind of guitar does Neil Young play in down by the river?

“Down by the River” begins with electric guitars followed by bass guitar and snare drum before the vocals begin. The vocal sections are taken at a slow tempo. There are long instrumental passages after each of the first two refrains, during which Young plays short, staccato notes on his guitar and incorporates distortion.

What’s the chorus to down by the river?

Down by the river, dead, dead, woh, woh, shot her dead, shot her dead. [Verse] Be on my side, I’ll be on your side, baby, there is no reason for you to hide. It’s so hard for me stay’in here all alone when you could be takin’ me for a ride, [Pre-Chorus] yeah, yeah.

Who was the original singer of down by the river?

Guitarist Roy Buchanan recorded a cover version of “Down by the River” on his 1971 album Buch and the Snakestretchers, and on his 1978 album You’re Not Alone.

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