How can I use promo code in Paytm for electricity bill?

How can I use promo code in Paytm for electricity bill?

  1. Open Electricity bill payment section on Paytm app.
  2. Select your electricity provider and enter your details.
  3. Use the promo code shared on the mail at the time of checkout to receive the cashback.

How can I get promo code in Paytm?

Just tap on the ‘My Offers’ section and find out all the available Paytm promo codes for you.

How do I get BU code for electric bill?

There are two ways to find your BU using the MSEB website….Go to Mahavitaran “Online Payment of Other Charges” page.

  1. Go to Mahavitaran “Online Payment of Other Charges” page.
  2. Type your consumer number.
  3. Click the Search Consumer button.
  4. You can now see your details including your BU code and name.

How can I check my mahavitaran bill or not?

Viewing Payments made Online

  1. Select a consumer number whose online bill payment details you want to view.
  2. Click History. The View History screen is displayed. The Connection Information field contains details of the connection. It contains the Billing tab and the Online Payments tab.

How do I make a payment using bill pay?

Using Bill Pay is easy After you sign in, select Bill Pay. Add a Company or Person to pay (you can browse names or add a company or individual). Choose when and how much you want to pay. Select Make Payments and you’re done!

Can I pay my tuition bill in installments?

How to Pay in Installments. Tuition can be paid in three installments during the fall and spring semesters. You must electronically sign a promissory note by clicking on the “Installment Plan Note” link on your My Tuition Bill page before a partial payment will be accepted.

What are bill payment services?

bill pay. Automated payment services that can be set up at financial institutions. The customer provides the bank and company with debit information and bills are withdrawn automatically out of a checking account and reported in monthly statements.

What are bill payments?

A bill payment is a “Pending Payment,” starting from the time you enter Payment Instructions until the payment is “Completed.”. A bill payment is considered “Completed” on the Business Day you selected as the Scheduled Payment Date.

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