Are there manatees at Wekiwa Springs?

Are there manatees at Wekiwa Springs?

Loved, loved, loved this State Park! We got to see manatees in their winter home since the spring waters are always at 72 degrees. As we entered the park, the park ranger told us there were over 300 manatees. The park has facilities for overnight camping, however, we were just visiting for the day.

What to bring to Wekiwa Springs?

You can also bring you canoe, kayak, or SUP and paddle down the Wekiva River. Keep your eyes peeled as you paddle through the open bay right after you start paddling away from the park’s launch beach. Gators are known to patrol those waters, admire them from a distance and they’ll stay away from you.

Can I bring my own kayak to Wekiva Springs?

You must bring your own equipment in order to launch. If you have been to Wekiwa Springs and have tried to launch, you might know that the park is busy during the weekends.

Are there manatees at Blue Springs now?

Please Note: Manatee Season is over at Blue Spring State Park. The above-water and underwater webcams are currently showing highlights videos.

Is Wekiwa Springs Open coronavirus?

The park is open 8 a.m. until sundown, 365 days a year. Campers who plan to arrive after sunset should call the park on the day of arrival at 407-553-4383 to get the gate combination and instructions.

What is the difference between Wekiva and Wekiwa?

Wekiwa is the Creek-Seminole word for a spring, but contrary to popular belief that Wekiva means “flowing water”, it was actually an alternate spelling used by developers. The pronunciation of a soft-w, sometimes perceived as a v or b, resulted in cartographers mislabeling maps in later years.

How much does it cost to get in Wekiva Springs?

Entrance fees are just $2.00 when entering via Wekiwa Springs Run. Canoe and kayak rentals are available at our concession. Guided trips and shuttles are also available. Visit their website, Nature Adventures, or call them at (407) 884-4311.

Is wekiwa and Wekiva the same?

After careful research, Francke concluded that the proper spelling is Wekiwa. He wrote: “The confusion arises from the fact that the river, originally spelled as Wekiwa, over the years apparently through inattention and disregard for careful spelling, became known as the Wekiva River.”

What’s the difference between Wekiva and Wekiwa?

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