What is Lot economy saver?

What is Lot economy saver?

Economy Saver is an attractive price offer for passengers who travel without checked baggage and do not require the privilege of changing or returning the ticket. Other services remain unchanged: in the ticket price you will get a meal and drinks as well as an access to entertainment on board.

What is Lot economy?

In most fares on short-haul flights in LOT Economy Class hand luggage up to 8 kg and checked baggage up to 23 kg are included in the ticket price. During short-haul flights, on every route in the lot Economy Class, we serve our Passengers water and a small snack.

What’s the difference between Economy Saver and Economy Flex?

Fare difference between Saver & Flex is in the miles earned. Saver earns less miles. There are also fees for cancellation / changes as opposed to Flex or Flex Plus.

Does LOT airlines serve food?

Lot airlines meals are complimentary when flying in economy class on long haul routes, short-haul routes offer small snacks only. The airline allows economy class passengers to order a premium-economy class meal on select long-haul flights and passengers can purchase additional snacks inflight.

What is economy Coach L?

L – Economy/Coach Discounted. M – Economy/Coach Discounted – Usually an upgradable fare to Business.

Can you upgrade economy saver?

Economy Class Saver fares can be only be upgraded within 48 hours prior to departure (before online check‑in). The number of Points you need for a Dynamic Reward Upgrade will depend on seat availability and the fare difference between the two classes.

What does Super Saver fare mean?

a specially reduced fare, as for passengers reserving tickets in advance or traveling during off-peak periods. any item on which there is a specially reduced price: The grocery’s supersavers this week include oranges, canned peas, and sugar.

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