What is inter institutional agreement?

What is inter institutional agreement?

Also known as an IP Management Agreement, an Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) is a legal contract to provide for joint management of jointly owned intellectual property.

What is comitology in EU?

EU laws sometimes authorise the European Commission to adopt implementing acts, which set conditions that ensure a given law is applied uniformly. Comitology refers to a set of procedures, including meetings of representative committees, that give EU countries a say in the implementing acts.

What are trilogue negotiations?

One of the tools commonly used today to ensure the effectiveness of the legislative process is trilogue, defined as ‘informal tripartite meetings on legislative proposals between representatives of the Parliament, the Council and the Commission’.

What does intra institutional mean?

Adjective. intrainstitutional (not comparable) Within an institution.

Which institutions can conclude binding interinstitutional agreements?

The EU Commission, the European Parliament and the Council can develop semi-constitutional law by reaching a common agreement, rather than by amending existing treaties. These so-called “inter-institutional” agreements are binding for the contracting institutions.

What is an implementing act EU?

Implementing acts are non-legislative acts adopted by the European Commission (or exceptionally the Council of the EU) to specify how legislation should be implemented with regard to highly technical aspects. to amend or supplement the basic legislative act (delegated acts).

What is the role of Coreper?

The Permanent Representatives Committee or Coreper (Article 16(7) of the Treaty on European Union — TEU and Article 240(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union — TFEU) is responsible for preparing the work of the Council of the European Union.

What does trialogue mean?

: a scene, discourse, or colloquy in which three persons share.

What does trilogue mean?

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