How do I get a Ford owners manual?

How do I get a Ford owners manual?

Go to and then scroll to the middle of the page and click on “Find your Owner Manual.” Then use the pull-down menus to access the OMs for MY96 and newer.

Where can I download my car’s owner’s manual?

You can find the VIN on the vehicle registration document, an insurance card or on the vehicle itself. Other resources for car owner’s manuals are Web sites such as or “Just Give Me the Damn Manual.” They archive manuals and share them with other owners. (Information applies to U.S. models only.)

How do you drive a manual Ford Fusion?

Sport Manual (S) To enter Sport manual mode, simply press your vehicle’s button or paddle to upshift or downshift. This mode gives the driver extensive manual control. You can change gears up and down yourself by using the shift controls in your vehicle.

What is the A button on a 2020 Ford Fusion?

Registered. It’s the Active Park Assist for parallel and perpendicular parking.

What is the owner’s manual for the 2020 Ford Fusion?

2020 FUSIONHYBRID | FUSIONENERGIOwner’s Manual December 2019 Second Printing Litho in U.S.A. LE5J 19A321 HB Some illustrations or features that appear in this Owner’s Manual may not be available on your vehicle. 2020

What kind of car is the Ford Fusion?

The Ford Fusion is a mid-size sedan from Ford Motor Company. Based on Ford CD3 platform it is actually a twin of Mercury Milan and together they were launched in 2005. The 2010 model was awarded the Motor Trend ?Car of the Year? and its hybrid version won the 20 10 North American ?Car of the Year Award?.

How can I download the owner’s manual for my Ford?

Enter your VIN or find your vehicle to download the latest Owner’s Manual and guides related to your vehicle. Did you know that if you register for a Ford Account, you can instantly access saved Owner’s Manuals? Click the Manual below to download. Sorry, there appears to be an error.

Is the Ford Fusion an allergy friendly car?

It is an integral part of the vehicle. This vehicle has received the endorsement of TÜV, the accredited international testing organisation, for its allergy-friendly properties.

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