How do you beat the Akkhan set dungeon?

How do you beat the Akkhan set dungeon?

Tips for the Akkhan Set Dungeon Don’t be afraid to dismiss your companion. Condemn on 10 enemies simultaneously 10 times. This is the more demanding of the two Objectives, so try to get it out of the way ASAP. Blade of Prophecy (either cubed or in hand).

Where is leoric’s manor set dungeon?

Set Dungeon clues found here. The Tome of Set Dungeons is a lore book found every game in the Royal Quarters, a small non-random section of dungeon located up the stairway to the right once players enter Leoric’s Manor. This area was introduced into the game in Patch 2.4.

Who is the Paladin Akarat in Diablo 3?

The Paladin Akarat was named after the ascetic. In Diablo III, several Legendary items bear Akarat’s name, including the Relic of Akarat Templar Relic and the Akarat’s Awakening Crusader Shield. The Akarat’s Champion ability also exists. ↑ 2.0 2.1 Zakarum Zealot, The Arreat Summit. Accessed on 2013-09-27

Where is the Akkhan set dungeon in Diablo 3?

Changelog 1. The Akkhan Set Dungeon is located in Act III, The Armory. Simply go to the Act III town, Bastion’s Keep Stronghold, then head to the right and down of the town waypoint. Once inside, head downward to the lower room where Leah resides during the campaign. The entrance will appear if you have the Akkhan 6-piece bonus equipped.

How to set a dungeon for a crusader?

You can find general Set Dungeon information and Set Dungeon guides for the other classes at my Set Dungeon Thread. This build focuses on the Akkhans Set for the Crusader. Kill all monsters without taking fatal damage. Use Condemn on 10 different enemies simultaneously, 12 times. Kill 150 enemies while imbued with Akarat’s Champion.

What do you need to set dungeon in Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 Set Dungeon – Armor of Akkhan (Mastery How To Patch 2.4) Frydehr’s Wrath or In-Geom is mandatory in this dungeon, as it allows ignoring the cooldown of Condemn. Vacuum rune of Condemn can be used to pull more enemies to its blast area.

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